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I'm Going To Need Another Hand

Sunday is NFL day at our house. For the third NFL season running I've got my DirecTiVo and the NFL Sunday Ticket package fired up to watch any game I want whenever it is convenient. Part of the deal is that my wife gets the day (or at least the afternoon) to escape, and me and the boys spend the day together. We play, watch their favorite shows, go on outings if the weather cooperates, etc. In between naps and playing I catch up with NFL games. I tape the games I really want to see so I can watch them regardless of what is going on during the day.

This post isn't about football watching; it's more about baby watching. I know how to deal with two babies alone, as our boys are 2 year old twins. Some time next April or May we are going to add number three to the mix. We don't know at this point whether it's a boy or girl, but neither of us cares deeply one way or the other. All we hope for is healthy.

Sometime before then I need to find an appendage like the one Johnny Depp uses in Once Upon A Time In Mexico. I'm going to need that third hand on Sundays...


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Comments (10)

Congrats on the up coming a... (Below threshold)

Congrats on the up coming addition. I'm sure that you will have the routine down to a science by then.

Congratulations, Kevin and ... (Below threshold)

Congratulations, Kevin and Mrs. Kevin!

That's so great! I know you... (Below threshold)

That's so great! I know you may not care, but a little sister for the boys would be fun. Congratulations!

Congratulations! I have fou... (Below threshold)

Congratulations! I have four boys and though I love em to death, my Sunday football watching has been hindered. Since I'm in Hawaii, I am able to get up before them and catch most of the early game (kicks off about 0600 our time) but once they're all awake, I become a referee. Good luck.

Congratulations!... (Below threshold)


Technical question: Are you... (Below threshold)

Technical question: Are you able to TiVo more than one game at a time? Or do you just watch your favorite early and late games?

And, yes, congrats!

The TiVo units with built-i... (Below threshold)

The TiVo units with built-in DirecTV receivers have 2 tuners. So if you run two lines to the TV you can record on both tuners simultaneously. This allows us to record Survivor and Friends, for example, which are normally on at the same time. I usually tape on game of interest and surf between games on the other tuner. There is no charge for the extra tuner.

Way to go Kevin! I have tw... (Below threshold)
Kevin P:

Way to go Kevin! I have two boys myself, and shudder at the thought of adding a third chaos agent to our house.

Let us all know how it goes, because the missus and I are in the middle of that debate right now.

Sometime before then I n... (Below threshold)

Sometime before then I need to find an appendage like the one Johnny Depp uses in Once Upon A Time In Mexico

LOL! Now that created an odd mental vision...


Just think, more tax credit... (Below threshold)

Just think, more tax credits. Congratulations.






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