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FCUK Banned

A mom is "shocked" at an add in Seventeen magazine that displays the initials of the French Connection United Kingdom (FCUK) fragrance company. One can only assume that here hand is covering the scarlet letters FCUK. If that is the case they surely are not the dominant wording on the page as only small portion of the page is hidden.

The self appointed, Tipper Gore wannabe,"shocked" parent obviously lives under a rock. Probably 10 other adds in that edition of Seventeen are racier, and a quick glance through Cosmo shows adds with partial nudity both female and male.

Harris's complaint spurred Pat Mashburn, who is Knox County Schools' coordinator of Instructional Materials and Library Services, to direct 19 middle and high schools to review their subscriptions to Seventeen.
Here's another book they can ban: The Sith War. You see if you rearrange Sith it spells Shit, and we all know how dirty that is.


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Comments (10)

Dude, on the Fcuk.com Web s... (Below threshold)

Dude, on the Fcuk.com Web site, it says things like

"Fcuk her"

"Fcuk him"

These are the names of the fragrances. There is a big difference between that and Sith. Hell, I agree, there's more potentially offensive stuff in the magazine than that, but I don't think you can really make the comparison between a book title who's letters could be scrambled to mean something else and a fragrance that's being marketed precisely to play on the name's extreme similarity with another, naughtier word.

I'd be more impressed if Mo... (Below threshold)

I'd be more impressed if Mom was holding her letter to Seventeen cancelling her subscription.

Someone told me there's a n... (Below threshold)

Someone told me there's a new British porn actress out whose first name is FLICK, which depending on one's font is more or less likely to be intentionally misread.

I don't disagree that the c... (Below threshold)

I don't disagree that the company is purposely expolitive in the use of the FCUK name. In this case though the magazine ad is the only thing in question. By all appearances the ad is relativley average for such a fashion magazine.

Jeepers! Where's our sense ... (Below threshold)

Jeepers! Where's our sense of humor?

FCUK is a major British "main street" clothing chain. You see their logo all over the place, from billboards to bus stops and the underground, to plastered over the sides of buses crossing the cities and countries.

Yes, it's playing a naughty game of double entendre. So? It's not as though its audience hasn't heard the word it mocks. It's not likely that there's a sixth grader, in the US or UK, who hasn't heard if, if not used it.

The chain is owned by French Connection, which is very active in the US. But somehow, FCUS don't have quite the effect.

Lighten up, for crying out loud.

FCUK is big over here, actu... (Below threshold)

FCUK is big over here, actually. I imagine they do play it up with the name, and why not? It does make you do a double-take. But for goodness sake, her daughter is a teen. Is that really the most important issue she has to face with raising her daughter? Somehow, I doubt it.

Is it legal? - Indecent nam... (Below threshold)

Is it legal? - Indecent naming with tradition
When Mitsubishi launched a new car with the name „Pajero“ on the Spanish market, it became obvious very soon that the name chosen was not optimal because it immediately was the subject of jokes due to its homophony with a Spanish expression related to masturbation. The same happened to Ford’s model „Pinto“(Portuguese for male genital) in Brazil where it was quickly renamed into „Corcel“(horse).
There is quite a long list of product names that give food to the dirty mind be they chosen accidentaly or deliberately. Obviously there seems to be a kind of tradition for this in the history of naming which originally started with place names.
Some of our ancestors obviously were too innocent to realize what burden they place on their offspring when naming places like Pratts Bottom (Kent), Brown Willy (Cornwall), Lickey End (near Birmingham), Booby Dingle (Powys), Great Cockup (Cumbria). Even places such as Thong (Kent) seem to have revealed far too much for not being the victim of lewd remarks.
The European continent, however, is also challenging the innocent mind of the English speaking travellers. In Southern Bavaria they will come across a village with the name of “Petting” and about eleven miles from there, in neighbouring Upper Austria, the shock might be inevitable when they enter the village of “Fucking”. Inspite of the fact that the inhabitants of Fucking have had enough with English-speaking tourists swiping their sign, they refuse to change their name. It goes back to the ancient Bavarian settlement and although this area was christianized by Irish and Scottish monks in the 9th and 10th century, an amendment of the name has never been deemed necessary.
No wonder that in many countries there are restrictions regarding the choice of a place name as a trademark for goods and services. One way around these restrictions is to distort the name so that it becomes indisputable but on a subliminal level takes advantage of the fact that sex sells. A recent example of successful distortion are the products of a British based fashion retailer called French Connection Group plc with the trademark FCUK. Linguists tell us that the power of a word depends on its context, and clearly the English word “fcuk” falls into that category. To make it even more explicit, two new fragrances were launched named “FCUK Him” and “FCUK Her”. On its website, FCUK demonstrates a clear picture of its marketing strategy. Whereas the linguistic allusions are close to Shakespeare’s bawdiness, the images remain subdued and innocent, which on the one hand is rather cynical but on the other hand tries to bridge the generation gap because most parents finance the quite conventional fashion attire that their children obtain from FCUK. Thus FCUK’s clients in each major market display a range of attitudes when confronted with the provocatively distorted four-letter mark. The American Family Association (AFA) promotes initiatives against FCUK such as prefabricated emails protesting against the exploitation of youngsters in such a manner.
Sex in marketing is bound to raise demand along with a few eyebrows which in addition either secure the necessary publicity or ban the product from the market. Branding an almost swear word in order to create a cash cow is, however, not restricted to fashion clothing and related products. On a recent visit to New Orleans I was surprised by the abundance of labels for their traditional hot pepper sauces. Besides the well known Tobasco, there are more spicy brand names such as “Burning rectum” or “Hot shit”.
It shows that name design must be ready to apply wit to anything that makes the blood boil and the label sell. Obviously this does not really work with other economic fields, for instance with tourism, because the places mentioned above are not among the hot spots that travel agents propagate in their catalogues.

FCUK is a major label in th... (Below threshold)
miss s:

FCUK is a major label in the UK and it shud remain 2 be so! its clothes and accessories are well made and well worth their price tags... as for the label of FCUK - LIGHTEN UP U LOT! its a name, a clever marketing name...
and its not as rude as u all make it out... if u didnt know
it stands for French Connection U K for the United Kingdom...

so there!
carry on the good work u FCUKers!!!

i don't care about the supp... (Below threshold)

i don't care about the supposed profanity of it all - people who wear that shit are sad. having the urge to be "daring" by having fcuk, in any of its tired contexts scrawled across your chest just screams "shock seeking wannabe rebel" but in such a stupid way.
most of their clothes are uninspiring, and good for neo-conservative trend-hungry twats who feel the need to break rules by not technically breaking them. how edgy.

wot the FCUK is the problem... (Below threshold)

wot the FCUK is the problem, the clothes are well designed, good quality and fasionable anyone who is seriously bothered by the name needs to lighten up. person who held the previous comment probably has some serious lonor issues stupid FCUKwit






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