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Junky Yard, Go To Jail

I always wondered what happened to 'ol Crazy Alan...

local6.com - The man known as Seminole County's "most annoying neighbor" went before a jury for the first time Tuesday on charges of criminal littering stemming from conditions in his home's yard. Neighbors have complained about Alan Davis, 46, and the piles of junk and rats in his yard for more than 10 years, Local 6 News reported.

In 2001, the state filed criminal littering charges claiming he illegally dumped trash in his yard and is maintaining a health hazard by not cleaning his yard. Now, a jury will decide whether Davis broke the state's litter laws and the county's nuisance ordinances.

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So, you knew this guy?... (Below threshold)

So, you knew this guy?

Sorry, lame attempt at humo... (Below threshold)

Sorry, lame attempt at humor on my part...






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