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Weekend Caption Contest™

It's Friday, so it must be time for the Wizbang Weekend Caption Contest™. Winners to be announced Sunday.

A woman takes pictures of statues on display along a main shopping street in Beijing September 26, 2003. China's capital is holding a month-long arts biennial featuring about 600 artworks by over 300 artists from 40 countries. REUTERS/Andrew Wong

Winners have been announced. Click here to see the winning entries.


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Comments (11)

Finally, the effects of shr... (Below threshold)

Finally, the effects of shrinkage caught on film!

At the corporate offices of... (Below threshold)

At the corporate offices of Divine Interventions, proud manufacturers of the Baby Jesus Butt Plug, the Jackhammer Jesus, the Budda's Delight, a tourist photographs a promotion for the newest product, the Shivering Dalai Lama.

But, on our home planet, th... (Below threshold)

But, on our home planet, these are considered huge genitals!

Quit laughing! It's called ... (Below threshold)

Quit laughing! It's called cold shrinkage.

Wow are we ever embarrassed... (Below threshold)

Wow are we ever embarrassed! Someone stole our spaceship and ran off with our clothes, we are standing here freezing to death, and we get spotted by a Weekly World News reporter with a fresh roll of film.

Few people know that Blue M... (Below threshold)

Few people know that Blue Man Group didn't start out blue.

After the birth of her trip... (Below threshold)

After the birth of her triplets Suki began to question why her alien abductions always ended with an anal probe.

"WE WERE IN THE POOOO... (Below threshold)


We are Buddhist monks from ... (Below threshold)

We are Buddhist monks from Shaolin. We have been kicked out of the temple because we couldn't master the "blue" technique. Be not fooled by our "red" technique, it is just as deadly.

"Parents beware of pedophil... (Below threshold)

"Parents beware of pedophiles on the Internet! Buy our filtering software NOW so YOUR little girl will never face THIS!"

Not only are they naked, it... (Below threshold)

Not only are they naked, it's a little windy outside too.






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