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Hillary Spam

The next grass roots movement will be build via spam. Robert Kunst and his movement must believe that spam is the answer to draft Hillary Clinton for the Democratic nomination.

Feel free to charge phone sex calls to his phone number 305-864-5110 or hack his website...

Anyway here's the secret plan... (misspellings and all)

Please send out:

Dear Friends:

This will be our ONLY e-mail to you unless you go to our website, www.hillarynow.com and get on our daily yahoos list on what is happening with this monumental effort. Also please read below.

We have been inundated and we need everyone's help immediately to make this effort a reality. Going through 10,000+ names is no easy task.

We can do a 'write-in' for "Hillary Clinton", in New Hampshire, and get the democrats in Iowa to go to the caucuses for Hillary Clinton, and be delegates next July at the Dem. convention in Boston. In these early primaries we can set the tone and upset the entire political scene out there, but only if we can reach the voters in each state and that will take financial backing.

Please donate for our ads, mailings, stickers, buttons, tee-shirts, etc. and full time operation to make this possible. Please go to our web site and paypal and commit as much as you can.

If you know folks in these states, plus and especially in NY, let them know of this effort, all can help make happen. However, specifically in NY, we need a very special effort, organizing, rallies, and media events, on her 'committments' to NY and NY's 'committments' to the rest of the nation, though Hillary.

Each of you can mobilize 'Hillary Fan Clubs' in your own community, with high visibility/media and ordering through us the various materials needed. Each of you can invite us to organize with you. Each of you can get to all elements of your media and let them know of our web site and daily yahoos on what is going on for them to get directly, or through yourselves.

Please touch base with ALL groups on all of this as well.

Thank you for your kind attention to this URGENT appeal for help. We look foward to hearing from you on all of these requests.

Yours Faithfully,

Bob Kunst

Pres., Hillarynow.com

We made papers in London, India and Australia this last weekend.


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It's rather ironic that Kun... (Below threshold)

It's rather ironic that Kunst would be spamming for Hillary. A far-left gay activist, Bob's a fixture of progressive politics down here in Florida for years. He ran a laughable "insurgent" campaign against the Dem nominee for governor last year, and seems to generally despise centrist Democrats like Clinton et al.






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