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The Case Of The Missing Spud

Mr. Potato Head, In Happier Days, At His Birthday PartyNEWPORT, R.I. - Mr. Potato Head is missing, and police want to know who took the tourism-touting tater.

The 6-foot tall, 150-pound statue was stolen Friday from the driveway of a private estate. James Leach called police after he heard his driveway alarm sounding about 3 a.m. He looked outside and saw a vehicle near the street.

In 2000, the Rhode Island Tourism Division introduced the Mr. Potato Head figures to promote the state as a family tourist destination. After the advertising campaign, several of the statues were auctioned off on eBay, with proceeds benefiting charity.

Update: He's been found!

Comments (5)

Did you catch the headline ... (Below threshold)

Did you catch the headline on the "been found" article? "eyed in field"?

Even I wouldn't have written that.

That is state mascot thievi... (Below threshold)

That is state mascot thieving skullduggery. I would keep my eye (you should pardon the pun) on Idaho. Aheh.

Yes, that really chips</... (Below threshold)

Yes, that really chips me off, and we should certainly keep our eyes peeled. Those responsible for such nefarious deeds should fry.

It wasn't me.Yes, ... (Below threshold)

It wasn't me.

Yes, I tried out my brand-new stainless steel pot and wire fry basket yesterday. But it wasn't me.

I have an alibi.

Sure you do Meryl, but what... (Below threshold)

Sure you do Meryl, but what about her?






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