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TV For Moonbats?

In what may be the lamest attempt to capitalize on the growing popularity of TiVo and other PVR devices Disney is introducing a crippled DVR that lets you watch movies after they hit the video stores, for the same price. Of course you have to pay $6.99 a month for the privilege for renting movies for 24 hours for $3.99. The device appears to have no other functionality.

It's called Moonbeam, but Boat Anchor or Doorstop appears to be a better name. The good news is that there is no only a small fee for the device of $29, but since I serves no purpose other than ordering on demand pay per view movies, even that seems too much. Has anyone at Disney ever seen cable TV, DirecTV, or the Dish Network? These systems have an ever increasing number of channels available with the exact same pay per view movies.

Jim Cramer calls it what it is, a lame throwback to the dot-com era.


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