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A New James Bond?

The Daily Record is reporting that Clive Owen will be the new James Bond.

In unrelated news James Bond was busted for a DUI in San Diego.


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Comments (8)

The next George Lazenby, be... (Below threshold)

The next George Lazenby, betcha money....

He was cool in Croupier--a ... (Below threshold)

He was cool in Croupier--a really good movie. I wish they would change writers, though. The movies aren't as stylish or fun as they used to be. Now they just look and feel like any other action movie (with better cars).

I don't care if he looks go... (Below threshold)

I don't care if he looks good in a touch, the guy isn't Bondian enough.

Hugh Jackman.

Sans claws.

Or not.

I've heard a rumor put out ... (Below threshold)
Charles Thompson:

I've heard a rumor put out by Lori Russell (E-Celebrity columnist) that the next James Bond could be a Texan named Sam Houston. He is a raw talent with very good screen test.

Ive heard from a relativ o... (Below threshold)

Ive heard from a relativ of mine that is working with the new bond film that a british guy called sir david calgaro will be bond.
"shaken not stirred"

yeah, Ive heard that to bu... (Below threshold)

yeah, Ive heard that to but Ive seen a photo of sir calgaro and he seams to be a bit to young... or.. what do you guys think?

Link Requested... (Below threshold)

Link Requested

I think the new james bond ... (Below threshold)
Anne Lorraine Cabasac:

I think the new james bond is Hugh Jackman...

isn't he good enough??






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