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Carnival Of The Mossad Agents

Allah wants in on the link roundup craze, so he's outing the blogosphere's Mossad agents. As a noted doubter of Allah's abilitiy to troll for hits, I present for him this example of trolling for hits. When the InstaJew cabal anoints you Allah, you may speak of how to "troll for hits".

And for that matter Allah's cave must be very far removed from the closest ATM or the the copying the Michael Jackson lifestyle is breaking the jihadis bank. The mujahedeen need to start robbing banks so the Allah can escape the Zionist clutches of Blogger, or at least get an RSS feed. Perhaps the original self hating Jew can help Allah out with a RSS feed.

God moved to MT.

Comments (3)

So, are you trolling for Al... (Below threshold)

So, are you trolling for Allah's hits?

P.S. I'm getting a b... (Below threshold)

I'm getting a bit irritated at this Allah dude. He's been on my blogroll practically since day one and I'm not even a teeny-tiny satan yet.

Sheesh. Am I gonna have to send the man a bellicose e-mail?

Well he did call me out in ... (Below threshold)

Well he did call me out in his post. I've always worn the "link slut" badge proudly though...






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