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The (Painful) Sound Of Music

The curse of Julie Andrews strikes again! Was this some sort of Rocky Horror Show audience participation version of the musical, and if so; WHY?

Theatregoers are being treated in hospital with broken bones after a stage collapsed when audience members were invited to join the cast after performing a version of The Sound of Music. Police said between 15 and 20 people were injured when they dropped 30ft as the stage collapsed at the Alexandra Theatre in Station Street, Birmingham.

Officers said the injured - many of them dressed in lederhosen or as nuns - were attended to by paramedics in four ambulances and were taken to a number of hospitals across the city.

Read the whole Ananova story.

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Dressed in lederhossen or a... (Below threshold)

Dressed in lederhossen or as nuns?

I SO don't want to know these people.






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