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Gray Davis Times

The Los Angeles Times spent seven weeks tracking down everyone who has ever worked with Arnold to get the dirt on him (since the LA Times requires registration another source is linked). Certainly this waste of column space will not be on their Pulitzer nomination list. It is, however, a major coup for the Gray Davis dirty politics brigade. Meanwhile the Davis appointees are getting nervous...

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I'm just waiting for the na... (Below threshold)

I'm just waiting for the naked Mapplethorpe photos that Drudge wrote about to appear. I actually heard rumors about them many years ago when I lived in West Hollywood. Drudge described them as "shocking" but all I remember hearing was that the photos showed him with an erection. Those who claimed to have viewed the photos at a private showing said he was quite well-endowed. If that is the case, how damaging could they be? He'd be certain to get the gay vote -- all the size queens anyway.






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