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Hans Blix Is A Fucktard

Here's proof that Hans Blix spent the last year investigating the inside of his rectum.

"Many Iraqi scientists and technicians will feel that they would have a chance to be rewarded for speaking to the Americans and the British. One should be a little cautious about what they may say," he said.

"Just as defectors seem to have come up with many stories that they expected the interrogators wanted to hear, the same thing may have occurred in Iraq now," he added.

"Therefore I think whatever stories they get from one must be corroborated and must be corroborated on the ground."

So newly freed Iraqi scientists should not be believed, yet the word of the same scientists with Iraqi handlers and their extended families facing certain death if they talked should be?

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it appears YOU are the f*ck... (Below threshold)

it appears YOU are the f*cktard.

thanks for all the innocent iraqi children you fed me. they were good.







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