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Based on the Dinesh D'Souza editorial page essay in today's Wall St. Journal (summarized at BlogCritics) I've been surfing around some of the linked blogs who take issue with the editorial.

Based on my limited reading of atheist blogs the one generalization I can deduce is that they must constantly try to disprove the existence of, or belief in God (or whatever term you choose). Additionally, they must do so in every post on the subject (or reference a stock set of disproof's located elsewhere). It's as if failure to disprove the possibility of God's existence in every post opens the door for the possibility that God will sneak in the back door.

The general argument goes God doesn't exist... It can't be proven... religion is [insert whatever derogatory term you would like], etc. I've yet to see a blogging atheist admit to the possibility of being wrong. As rational person I will admit to the possibility that from a logical and reasoned perspective there may be persuasive arguments that God doesn't exist. My problem with the arguments of the blogging atheists is that I am not looking for answers on the plane of reason, logic, science, etc. Faith cannot be quantified and measured, it is a feeling. Prove that love does not exist then, perhaps, we can discuss your arguments against the existence of God.

And in closing, keep telling yourself that you will not be re-evaluating your belief that there is no God on your deathbed.

Sorry, I could resist that last little barb...

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