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Muslim Fearmongering

Imaging a politician who asks this question in a telephone poll that asked how voters how they felt about the candidates opponent, "receiving thousands of dollars from companies and people suspected of having financial ties to terrorist groups."

Now which party would you guess that the candidate who sponsored the "poll" represented?

If you said Republican you would be wrong...

Virginia state delegate candidate Pat Morrissey (D) used what is called a push poll (a way to spread innuendo against another candidate in the guise of a poll) to imply that the incumbent Rep. Dick Black (R) was taking money from terrorists. Here's the article in the local papers. Morrissey has spent the past week in damage control mode, her initial comments betray her intentions:

"I thought staying silent on this issue would keep the press from repeatedly connecting the two words that I never intended to connect in the first place "Muslim and terrorist," she said in her apology.
Which is complete bullshit because the persons she was obliquely referring to were local Muslim organizations.

In a related note, another famous Muslim (Allah) has made his pick in the California recall election, and it is an actor.

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