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Goodbye Chad

Looking for trends from the recall election in California? The best news from the election is that the days of the "hanging chad" are numbered. Voters clearly understand now that the onus is on them to inspect their ballot and make sure their punch was clean, and that no chad is left attached to the ballot. From this MSNBC article:

Reyes said there had been no reported problems with the ballot, despite the fact that people were casting their votes on punch-card machines. "We encourage everyone to punch it hard so there won't be any chads," he said. "We also tell them to check for chads."

Edana Tisherman said she had no trouble with the ballot today. "There's been so much coverage of this, it's very simple," she said. "I said, 'Four holes, no chads, we're gone.' "

And this:
"It's very easy if you study the ballot beforehand and you know what page to go to and where your candidate is," she said. "We've heard so much about chads since the Florida election that it's pretty much automatic that you flip it over and check for them so you don't have any problems."
And election officials are on the lookout as well:
At midday yesterday, Yolo County Clerk Freddie Oakley said that she had not received any complaints about her impromptu system of having voters separate their own ballot cards but realized there was some risk in the system. "If three little old ladies say they were confused, I'll be pilloried," she said.
Goodbye Chad!

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