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On News Stands Now...

Congratulation to Scott Ott at ScrappleFace for getting not one, but two mentions in the current issue of Sports Illustrated in the Scorecard article on Joe Paterno (You must be a SI subscriber to read this online). SI mentioned the main site, but the post they were referring to is this ScrappleFace post.

As usual with a mention in a magazine with millions of subscribers Scott has not seen any increase in traffic due to the mention. Still it's kind of cool...

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I find it very interesting ... (Below threshold)

I find it very interesting that a mention in SI would not result in a noticable increase in traffic.

I work in marketing for a large hospital, and we get significant traffic increases when we get any PR -- newspaper, TV, magazines, or even a local tradeshow. But, our URL is very memorable and we're easily found via search engine.

I think people are getting more task-focused in their Web browsing and less likely to jot down a URL and visit a site they read about. If they decide to visit a site later, they have to be able to find it through a search engine.

I'm not sure people would remember the word "ScrappleFace" and be able to locate the site using Google. People would probably search for "scramble" and "scrabble" and give up. They won't go back and look at the magazine -- too lazy or they'll be at work the next day (that's where most recreational surfing take place).

If Scott used a simple, but unique tagline that would always be published with the ScrappleFace name, people could search on that.

Type "On the Fritz" in Google and see what you come up with.






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