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Running On Both Cylinders

Thank you to Dean, Michele, Wind Rider, Kate, James, Jeff and others for getting the word out about the site problems today. The old site is back up and I have the old and the new sites synched up, so both sites should resolve with the Wizbangblog.com name. The site you see will depend on whether DNS changes have propagated to your DNS server. Either way I'll be cross posting for the next day or two...

Did you like the part where my IP address pointed to another users site? I know it ammused me to no end. Another Kevin (Drum) had a tough day too. If this was my first really crappy day in a long time I'd probably still be sticking with Verve. Alas the server I was on a few weeks ago died and I'm not going to stick around to see if three is my lucky number. Kill my site one shame on you, kill it again shame on me (for staying)...

Verve was only down for 18 or so hours for a crashed hard disk, and it was only the second time in two weeks this had happened. I'm sure I was over reacting to the whole episode </sarcasm> ...

Why don't these web hosting firms invest in ONE EXTRA FUCKING SCSI DISK AND DO RAID 5? Boneheads....

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I noticed <a href="http://w... (Below threshold)

I noticed the site problems -yesterday but I only had the chance to read a few blogs and I didn't know what was going on. I am glad everything is back to normal.

Even a dummy like I can tel... (Below threshold)
I bet you delete this:

Even a dummy like I can tell you it is spelled amusing.






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