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Navel Gazing

In case anyone is planning a surprise party Wizbang turns 6 months old October 22.

The server crash the other day "lost" about 100 comments or so. They're not lost as in "I can't find them", it's more like "I've got them in a text file do I really want to try to import them?" There's at least 500 or so comments pre June that didn't make the MT migration for the same reason. Rest assured I have read all of them. The good news is there's still over 1600 comments that aren't going anywhere.

And the answer is no I'm not going try to import them, sorry...

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Big deal. You copy newsstor... (Below threshold)
I bet you will delete this:

Big deal. You copy newsstories and act mean to people you do not even know. Whats so special about that?

Go back to looking at your navel. It prolly has a bigger iq than your brain.






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