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Wizbang is brough to you this morning by my youngest son...

Mom and his brother are off at a doctors appointment.

He would like to tell you that Oobi rules!

I wish I shared his same enthusiasm for a show featuring a hand with eyes...

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This will *really* blow his... (Below threshold)

This will *really* blow his mind...Keiko or whatever the friend is called is the guy from Bear in the Big Blue House.

My kid's nearly four and still struggling to wrap her brain around that one.

He's a cutie, Kevin. :-)</... (Below threshold)

He's a cutie, Kevin. :-)

Thank you... He must get t... (Below threshold)

Thank you... He must get that from Mom...

Note to self: never let my ... (Below threshold)

Note to self: never let my children become aware that there is a show featuring a hand with eyes...

You son is most adorable though. :)

Oobie ain't so bad. Beside... (Below threshold)

Oobie ain't so bad. Besides, it's on Noggin, and Noggin rules at our house. All the best of PBS and Nick, with no commercials! Can't argue with that.

I have a two year old who i... (Below threshold)

I have a two year old who is very into Oobi. I wish there was more OOBI content on the internet so that i could put a dent in the hand puppet craving that my son has developed. Muppets dont compare and Blue's Clue is a thingof the past...we need an Oobi show - or perhaps an Oobi opus.

Your son is cute, hope the laptop is ok.

Joe the King






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