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MT Blacklist - Stop Comment Spam Now!

Jay Allen has released MT-Blacklist v1.0 Beta. The download page is here. If rebuilds or comment post times increase dramatically apply this hack.

If you've got MT-Blacklist setup and are looking for more domains to block, I've got a page of MT-Blacklist tested import files for you at the Wizbang MT-Blacklist Add-on List page. Note that the upper limit of the size of a blacklist for use with MT-Blacklist has not been firmly established.


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Comments (3)

Umm. Yea.Totally l... (Below threshold)

Umm. Yea.

Totally lost.

Who wants five bucks to install it for me?

I just sent you an e-mail..... (Below threshold)

I just sent you an e-mail....

having problems getting Sto... (Below threshold)

having problems getting Storable.pm to be read... any help? I'll double the offer of $5 ;)






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