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Zimmer Apologizes

Much has been written about the Red Sox - Yankees debacle Saturday night, but nothing can prepare you for the sight of a blubbering Don Zimmer apologizing for his actions. It's all over ESPN if you must see it... Now would be a good time for the instigator, Pedro Martinez to own up to his responsibility for starting the ugliness.

On to other business... Jeff Nelson is a punk ass thug. Michele linked to this ESPN story on the bullpen fight before the bottom of the ninth inning. Other stories shed more light on the mindset of Nelson prior to the altercation. Here is a telling quote in the Star-Ledger:

Nelson said the team had a run-in with Williams during its 1999 playoff series at Fenway Park.

"This is the same guy that, in 1999, when they had an incident with the water bottles, this is the same guy who was in our dugout yelling into our dugout," Nelson said. "He must have had something against the Yankees or something."

This sound perilously close to an admission that the Yankees bullpen (or at least Nelson) had an eye on Red Sox ground crew member Paul Williams and decided that the already out of control game needed a bigger WWE flair. No charges are going to be filled, but a one way ticket out of Yankeeville for Nelson is probably assured. His pitching is going to punch his ticket out of pinstripes, but the bullpen fracas will probably seal the deal.

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