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Does This Friend Make My Ass Look Big?

As I recall, the unwritten theory used to be that hot chicks hang around with less attractive girls to make themselves look better. Too bad they don't get into that theory in this study though...

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. -- A study in England suggests that just standing near a fat person can make other people think you look worse. Researchers had people rate a man shown in two pictures. In one, he was next to a thin woman. In the other, the woman was very large.

When the man was shown with the big woman, he was rated 22 percent more negatively than when he was shown with the thin one. He was more likely to be described as miserable, self-indulgent, passive, shapeless, depressed, weak, insignificant and insecure.

Perhaps he really was all those things? Maybe next to the thin woman people figured he must have something going on in spite of his shortcomings...


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Comments (4)

See, that's the problem. I... (Below threshold)

See, that's the problem. It was a MAN with the woman, so people thought, "dude, what're you doing with HER."

Put a slender/fit woman with a chubby/fat woman, and I think you'll get different results for the "normal" woman.

That is all probably obvious, though...


Kind of gives a whole new t... (Below threshold)

Kind of gives a whole new twist to the Police's "Don't Stand So Close to Me".


A sad commentary on how sha... (Below threshold)

A sad commentary on how shallow people are.

What would people say if he... (Below threshold)

What would people say if he was next to two thin women?






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