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Neat Tricks With MT-Blacklist

Jay Allen's MT Blacklist is a Swiss Army knife for comment and trackback content management as well as a spam killer. Here is another way you can use it at your site:

Comment and Trackback Filtering

Look at the instructions on the comment form at ScrappleFace:

Please Note: ScrappleFace readers are intelligent enough to express themselves without obscenities. ScrappleFace endeavors to be suitable for all ages. If an obscene interloper posts here, please report the incident to the blogmaster who will delete the comment.
With MT-Blacklist you are not limited to banning spam URL's from comments. Entering words in the Blacklist will render those words as blocked on your comments and trackbacks. With MT-Blacklist you can automatically enforce your obscenity policy!

If you just want the content filtering and don't need the default blacklist entries use the http://MT_CGI_PATH/mt-blacklist.cgi?__mode=remove_all URL (documented in the README) to empty the blacklist prior to adding your banned word list.

Build your list of banned words using the Add function of the MT-Blacklist configuration screen.

To ban the word viagra in all trackbacks/comments enter:


In the Add list.

You can ban all forms of the word viagra with the following syntax ( The ".+" indicates any characters):


Replace viagra with the obscenity of your choice.


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Comments (2)

Kevin,You rock. I f... (Below threshold)

You rock. I followed your instructions, added "+.vaigra+." (sic) and, what do you know, presto-wamo, my comment spammer friends have a new little greeting!

For those of you who are feeling intimidated by the install. Don't. It is fairly straightforward (although the edit permissions and directory creation steps took longer than it should have).

(Note: All GRR's should be ... (Below threshold)

(Note: All GRR's should be ignored in this post. They were inserted to avoid being caught by MT-Blacklist. Kevin, check out your Activity log to see how many times I had to try to post this...)

Actually, Kevin, viaGRRgra and .+viaGRRgra.* are redundant. They both catch and submission with the string viaGRRgra in it...

Speaking, of which, your blacklist it doing just that which probably isn't what you want. Instead, try this one:


This one blocks submissions including only DOMAIN NAMES with phentGRRermine, viaGRRgra, viGRRgrx or viGRRg-rx in them.






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