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Premature Celebration

If you are a Cub fan then this headline: "Cubs Counting Down the Outs at Wrigley - MLB" should strike fear in your heart.

And so it was that the chickens were counted a little too soon. If you're thinking it's not possible to blow a 3-1 series lead by losing three straight you obviously haven't been paying attention. Does the name Leon Durham ring a bell, it should? All that talk of not paying attention to past history is hooey; it's time to learn from the past. Starting your ace in the deciding game is no guarantee. In 1984 the Cubs trotted out a totally dominant Rick Sutcliffe who was done in by a fielding error...

It's a one game series now... Go Cubs!

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The only thing that fan can... (Below threshold)

The only thing that fan can do tonight is leave town, now, with nothing but the clothes on his back, move to Madagascar under an assumed name, and pray daily and spread protection money so that no one recognizes him or if the do they don't rat him out.

If you're referring to the ... (Below threshold)

If you're referring to the alleged "fan interference", it wasn't fan interference. The ball was over the railing and the fans were not leaning.

This game was lost because Dusty Baker didn't take his starter (who was obviously tired) out soon enough.


I wanted to throttle the an... (Below threshold)

I wanted to throttle the announcers as soon as they started that "x number of outs until the Cubs are in the Series" talk. Gah!

Nope, the worst part was wh... (Below threshold)

Nope, the worst part was when the announcers said it looks like 1984 when the interference happened.

I was sitting next to my wife, yelling, "Don't you f-ing say it! Don't you f-ing say it!" And then the asshat said it...

As for the fan, his face is plastered all over the newspapers here in Chicago. It's on Yahoo news. Everywhere. He might not be safe even in Madagascar...

Go Cubs! Bring on the Apocalypse!






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