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The Night Chicago Died

Steve Bartman has a problem. He's a wanted man in Chicago as the man who invoked the "curse" on the Cubbies.

Never mind that he's a coaches little league, lives minutes from Wrigley, like virtually everyone else in that area is a Domer, and probably lives and breaths Cubs baseball.

Never mind that Alex Gonzales muffed a routine double play ball that would have ended the inning.

Never mind that Dusty Baker, sitting on a 5-0 lead, was just a few outs away from a World Series ring last year as manager of the Giants and managed his bullpen as poorly then as he did in Game 6.


The clock on his 15 minutes of fame (more like infamy) has started. Whether he has to enter the witness protection program or fades into history depends on the outcome of tonight's game.

Somehow Baker and Gonzales are escaping the wrath of the Cub faithful - for now.

Jayson Stark has more on the meltdown...


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Comments (5)

Even if you don't bl... (Below threshold)

Even if you don't blame anything else that went wrong on the momentum shift represented by that play, if that ball is caught, the 8th inning ends with the Cubs up 3-2.

I think the photoshopping s... (Below threshold)

I think the photoshopping stuff is funny as hell, but I don't think the guy deserves the kind of crap he is getting...someone even emailed me his home address, phone number and email address and asked me to post it.

I never thought I'd see the day where Cubs fans look like Detroit Red Wing fans on mescaline...leave the guy alone and focus on winning tonight.

Go Cubbies!!!

It amazes me that there are... (Below threshold)

It amazes me that there are like 6 other guys going for that ball, yet this kid is the evil one. No one cares that the error gave up at least one out (perhaps a double play). Make that one out on the hop and the Marlins score three runs...no more.

The Cubs may fail, but it's not this kids fault. It's everyone that wears that uniform and does stupid ass things. Baker is Warrens' daddy!

ESPN has a story that flori... (Below threshold)

ESPN has a story that floridians are offering Bartman asylum. see url below:

That poor bastard. He is go... (Below threshold)

That poor bastard. He is going to go down in Cubbies history of being the major cause of their loss.






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