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Am I Bad Luck?

Maybe it's me? As you may or may not know HostingMatters was hit by a denial of service attack aimed at one particular pro-Israel site. I've just switched to HM after a meltdown at Verve. I'm starting to get a complex...

Here's a link to a graphic representation of the traffic spike.


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Comments (3)

We got knocked out too. Ho... (Below threshold)

We got knocked out too. How do you know it was a "pro-Israel site" that was the subject of the attack? Did HM say whose site the attack was aimed at? Just curious....

HM said it was a "pro-Israe... (Below threshold)

HM said it was a "pro-Israel" site but didn't say who. (It was not LGF.)

The proprietor of the site ... (Below threshold)

The proprietor of the site in question, BTW, left a comment (actually, several) at LGF. It isn't so much a 'pro-Israel' site as an anti-terrorist site which has been tracking and taking down (through communications with their hosting services) online jihadis for some time.

He does good work, but he was bound to get the jihadi script kiddies upset at him sometime (I'm surprised this is the first time it's happened).






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