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Wireless Routers

I am in need of a wireless router, since high speed Internet has finally arrived in my neighborhood. Given that my planned development was supposed to be one of the neighborhoods of the future it is ironically humorous that we could not get DSL (since we had fibre in the phone infrastructure). I am technically proficient enough to research the major brands (NetGear, Linksys, DLink, etc.), but I am always open to a recommendation based on experience.

Anyone have an opinions on the best combo wireless router?

Based on your experience is there any clear "best buy"?

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Well not on combo wireless ... (Below threshold)

Well not on combo wireless routers per se, but I've always had wonderful experiences with LinkSys stuff. (yes, always ;-) Most of my routers, hubs and nics were made by them. I have a couple NetGear boxes that I like a bunch too.

Kevin, I would very strongl... (Below threshold)

Kevin, I would very strongly suggest that you think twice about getting a combo router/access point unit. Yes, the linksys are by far the best you can get (IMHO).

Here's the reader's digest, the full diatribe is here.

Basically I suggest only getting a wireless access point if you're going to be hooking up any desktop pcs via ethernet on your network. The reason is that the router/wap combos seem to really cut down the speed of the ethernet connection by approximately half. The router/wap is dedicating some of it's time to sending its wireless signal and some of its time to ethernet throughput. For some reason, both suffer. When you have a seperate router and a seperate wap, everything seems to maintain its optimal speeds. Again, that's just my experience in futzing with them for a couple of weekends.

i use a Linksys BEFW11S4 v2... (Below threshold)

i use a Linksys BEFW11S4 v2 to split out my DSL link. it works well enough for internet browsing and such with WAP.

for file backups and big transfers (>30 meg) between computers it is a little slower than i expected. But it is also flaky, dropping the client after a long transfer. that stuff really works better if i connect my laptop to it with a cable.

all in all, i think it has been a great value.

I also have a Linksys BEFW1... (Below threshold)

I also have a Linksys BEFW11S4 v2 and love it. I use it with a cable modem & haven't experienced any loss of speed since adding on the router.

Linksys here too... cheap, ... (Below threshold)

Linksys here too... cheap, easy to configure... do it manually as it will work better... lovin them...

I've done about a dozen home installs for the guys I support at work







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