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Bonfire Of The Vanities Reminder

Entries for the Bonfire of the Vanities are due Monday by midnight EDT.

Want To Be Featured In The Next Bonfire?
E-mail me ( kevin at wizbangblog dot com ) a link to your worst post of the week and include any extenuating circumstance, humorous commentary, or self serving excuse for your pathetic post. Get your entries for next week's edition to me via e-mail by midnight EST Monday October 20th. Please use BOTV 16 Entry in the subject line. Need a reminder? Subscribe to the mailing list.

See last weeks edition of the Bonfire of the Vanities for an idea of what kind of mocking you are in for.

Administrative Note - Wizbang will be hosting the Carnival of the Vanities November 5th, so I will be looking for a volunteer to edit and/or host the November 4th edition of the Bonfire. Perhaps this is the point at which I should make the Bonfire Of The Vanities a rotating weekly event. Or I could add the host author to Wizbang and they could write it and host it here. I'm open to suggestions, leave them here...

Comments (3)

Kevin, please vote for the ... (Below threshold)

Kevin, please vote for the New Blog Showcase...the Axis had been pretty pathetic of late.

I'm willing to host the Bon... (Below threshold)

I'm willing to host the Bonfire for a week, if you need me to.

I'd love to host the Bonfir... (Below threshold)

I'd love to host the Bonfire -- or in the alternative, post it here for you. Gimme the keys to the back door, I'm there!






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