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Ecosystem Business

I've got lots of items involving the The Truth Laid Bear Ecosystem, so I gathered them up into one post.

Jennifer not so subtley reminds me (and the rest of the Axis of Naughty members) to vote in this weeks New Blog Showcase. Votes are counted if you link the entries prior to midnight Sunday PDT. Here are my votes.

Hypocrisy & Hypotheses - Same Thing Every Year

She Who Will Be Obeyed - LIfe, the Universe, and Everything...

Permaroll Contest Update

Welcome Kevin McGehee's blogoSFERICS to the Wizbang Permaroll. Kevin had the most Ecosystem links to Wizbang on Friday and was added to the list of essential sites on the Permaroll. The contest promises to be close every week as Kevin won with 7 links. See this post for details on how the contest works (I've pretty much described all the rules in the previous sentences). Next week it could be your site listed with the luminaries of the blogosphere. McGehee's Saturday linkfest should be on you weekend reading list.

Ecosystem Parallel Universe

I'm all for link whoring, but this will leave you dizzy. Could he link to himself any more?

New Ecosystem Feature

NZ Bear and Orange Hair Boy have put out a cool new code block to retrieve your Ecosystem rankinkg.


Listed below are links to weblogs that reference Ecosystem Business:

» Ambient Irony linked with Ways and Means

» Backcountry Conservative linked with Ecosystem News

Comments (8)

The best part about Daniel'... (Below threshold)

The best part about Daniel's link-whoring...if he links to you it counts about 12 times. How do you think I got up so high in the Ecosystem?

There's also an XML version... (Below threshold)

There's also an XML version available. I have details on my scripts page.

Yes, I noticed Daniel's eff... (Below threshold)

Yes, I noticed Daniel's efforts. Wasn't sure whether to congratulate or scold him.

I vote scold, since the guy... (Below threshold)

I vote scold, since the guy jumped over me in the WMDI listing.

Of course, if you can get h... (Below threshold)

Of course, if you can get him to link to you, you're set...

I make the right friends.<b... (Below threshold)

I make the right friends.

Okay, Kevin and Pixy. I did... (Below threshold)

Okay, Kevin and Pixy. I did something today that should make things right between us. Tomorrow you should be ahead of me in the WMDI (or next time it is updated).

It all started happening when I put on the WMDI stuff and I just really like being a playful primate - because I am. A Playful Primate, that is :)

Yer a monkey is what you ar... (Below threshold)

Yer a monkey is what you are!






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