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Caged Tiger

If all PETA spokespersons dressed (or undressed) like this all the time, they might get a little more attention.

Roy Horn eat your neck heart out.


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Comments (8)

Damn. She stole my Hallowe... (Below threshold)

Damn. She stole my Halloween costume.


Looks like a fettish event ... (Below threshold)

Looks like a fettish event to me. I am inspired to write some erotic story around the picture of a naked painted woman in a cage.

Catgirls! Whoo!... (Below threshold)

Catgirls! Whoo!

rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr... (Below threshold)

rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! Tiger likes!

Now see what you did! I'm ... (Below threshold)

Now see what you did! I'm hungry....

But has she had all her sho... (Below threshold)

But has she had all her shots?

Free Republic had pictures ... (Below threshold)

Free Republic had pictures of these PETA caged people. What was really amusing was the guy who brought his own cage, set it next to the tigers, and climbed in. His next act was to eat his nice juicy hamburger slowly and methodically. I call it 'performance art'.

Boy... Nothing like a half ... (Below threshold)

Boy... Nothing like a half nekkid woman to get the trackbacks going huh?






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