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Carnival Burnout

Laurence is Carnivaled out. Given the explosion in links roundups (meta blogging) you almost need a listing of all of them to keep up. Carnival of the Carnivals anyone?

As a contributor to the delusion of the brand value of the term "Carnival" I offer my apologies to BigWig. Since I've always viewed the Bonfire of the Vanities as the demented, criminally insane, and "not quite right" bastard child of the Carnival of the Vanities the apology will be done in crayon and drool. We'll keep mocking the worst posts of the week until bloggers shape up and get it right.

Just today I was told one of my posts was the "tackiest post ever." Feedback like that warms the heart and ensures that the Bonfire will be well stocked.


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Comments (4)

Well, there goes my idea to... (Below threshold)

Well, there goes my idea to rename my weekly linksluttage the Carnal Carnival.


I was a little concerned wh... (Below threshold)

I was a little concerned when I came up with the name Carnival of the Capitalists, but as far as I knew, that was the only other thing named "carnival" out there.

However, there do seem to be an awful lot of roundup things of that nature. In the car this morning I was reflecting whether that might be some sort of self-organizing principle applying itself to the blogosphere.

I'm still not absolutely convinced we won't someday have to change the name of CotC for it to be less confusing or make more sense.

I kinda came up with the sa... (Below threshold)

I kinda came up with the same conclusion, that with so many different link-a-thons going around, all my posts were being lost in the shuffle, so kind of gave up submitting anything anymore. Of course, I still seem to be found by Kelley on occasion, and since she is the one picking out what she wants to showcase, I don't mind at all. ;)

When Jay and I were tossing... (Below threshold)

When Jay and I were tossing around ideas about the Carnival of the Capitalists, our goal wasn't so much the same as other Carnivals. What we really wanted was a summary for non-bloggers, who might otherwise miss good biz/econ writing because they aren't familiar with the blogosphere. Yes we were concerned that some people would see it as "another damn carnival," but we knew some people who normally only read political blogs would enjoy it.






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