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Ace Ventura Meets Steve Austin

Just what we need a Six Million Dollar Man franchise. Funny thing is the six million dollars is not even half of Carrey's pay to do the film...

Hollywood funnyman Jim Carrey has signed up to star in a big screen version of 1970s TV hit The Six Million Dollar Man.

Carrey will play bionic man Steve Austin, the role originally made famous by Lee Majors, in the new movie - which will be directed by Starsky and Hutch's Todd Phillips and produced by Hollywood heavyweights Universal and Dimension Films.

Dimension boss Bob Weinstein says, "The teaming of Jim and Todd is the perfect creative combination to launch the franchise."

From Channel4


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Comments (5)

I guess I could see where t... (Below threshold)

I guess I could see where this could be humorous. We'll just have to wait and see.

By the way, why is it when I go to my link there is a message from Baghdad Bob? LOL

I think it would be funny i... (Below threshold)

I think it would be funny if Steve Austin were played by Stone Cold Steve Austin.

I can't picture him in that... (Below threshold)

I can't picture him in that role!

Now, see, that's just so <i... (Below threshold)

Now, see, that's just so wrong.


They just better have the w... (Below threshold)

They just better have the wacky sound effects and the slow motion action.






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