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Six Months Of Thanks

Glenn for inspiring me.
Tom for blogrolling me.
Bill for quoting me.
Michele for re-inspiring me.
James for linking me.
Frank for fighting me.
Kate for racing me.
Meryl for needling me.
Kelley for sacing me.
Susie for pinging me.
Steven for challenging me.
Laurence for amusing me.
You for reading me.


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Comments (6)

I thought I was abusing you... (Below threshold)

I thought I was abusing you, not amusing you.

I must try harder...

Darn, I will have to try ha... (Below threshold)

Darn, I will have to try harder to do something to you for the next time.

Incidentally, I thought you... (Below threshold)

Incidentally, I thought you were in blogging before me! Weird how I got that impression of certain people.

I suppose it's even weirder that when I discovered Frank I assumed he was a newbie who'd started after me.

And thank you for amusing m... (Below threshold)

And thank you for amusing me...

You're welcome, Kevin--and ... (Below threshold)

You're welcome, Kevin--and may I add that I've enjoyed pinging you immensely.....

Happy Aniversary! And you a... (Below threshold)

Happy Aniversary! And you are more than welcome on the sacage. Here's to many more!






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