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Wizbang Turns 0.5 Years Old

While I sleep the western time zones can celebrate the 6 month anniversary of Wizbang. Perhaps I'll have something profound to say about it in the morning, but regular visitors already know how unlikely that is...

Update: Shelli gives me the ultimate blogger anniversary present. Many thanks to her...

Update 2: Make that 0.53, as the first post at the blogspot site appeared April 11th. But until you actually get a SiteMeter (or similar service), which I seem to have done on April 22, does is really count?


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Comments (5)

happy 6 months... (Below threshold)

happy 6 months

Happy Blogiversary, Kevin. ... (Below threshold)

Happy Blogiversary, Kevin. :-)

Heh. Good point!T... (Below threshold)

Heh. Good point!

The blogspot version of OTB started January 31 and I added SiteMeter on February 4th. I'm pretty sure I missed several hundred thousand visits during that interval ;)

I too am pretty sure I star... (Below threshold)

I too am pretty sure I started off with InstaPundit like daily numbers in those 11 days.

Congrats, Wiz! My six month... (Below threshold)

Congrats, Wiz! My six months comes up on the 25th, and I am counting from my first bogsplot post, since I didn't get sitemeter 'til June....






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