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Carnival Of The Vanities Submissions

Wizbang hosts the November 5th edition of Carnival Of The Vanities. Entries for Week 59 of the Carnival of the Vanities hosted here at Wizbang are due Tuesday November 4th by 6:00 PM EDT. Send your entries to carnival - at - wizbangblog.com.

Entries should contain the following:

Your Name
Your Main Blog URL
Post URL (Permalink)
Post Title (If available)
Post Description

While you're here, perhaps I could interest you in submitting an entry to the Bonfire of the Vanities as well? It's a cathartic way to purge yourself of the occasional less than stellar post. See last weeks edition of the Bonfire if you are interested.

Update: Just in case you have issues sending to the addresses above you can use kevin at aylwardfamily.com as a backup. The issue of receiving mail from sites hosted at Verve has been resolved, so there should be no need to send to the backup address.


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