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More Blog Chicks Pix

James Joyner started a listing of Blog Chicks Pix, but had the misfortune to do so right around the time of the Hosting Matters DDOS attack. Time has passed, and others have finally come around to adding to the list. Here are few he missed...

Plus there's a new Caption Contest at Outside The Beltway especially for Yankee lovers and haters.


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Comments (6)

I never could find a michel... (Below threshold)

I never could find a michele pic. I'd never heard of the other two bloggers, I'm afraid.....

Some good addition!<p... (Below threshold)

Some good addition!

Moxie has some strange IP banning problem (not of the pic but the main site), though.

Kevin, you are sweet for th... (Below threshold)

Kevin, you are sweet for thinking of me. And ya know -- it comes at a time when I'm not feeling very well, so it's much appreciated.

James, thanks for adding me I'm flattered to be included given the fine company!

Gah! As for the IP thing, I don't have anyone banned from visiting my site. Would you be so kind as to email me the details?

I even changed webhosts and the problem persists!

Another one missed is <a hr... (Below threshold)

Another one missed is JOZ

I think someone else's blog... (Below threshold)

I think someone else's blog is named "eponymous blog". Mine is called just plain 'ol "sugarmama". I don't want to appear like an imposter!

Thanks for giving him the heads up on my pic!

Eponymous means to give you... (Below threshold)

Eponymous means to give your name to something.

I was just playing along with his naming. He was using "eponymous blog" as another way of saying the "blog of the same name".






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