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Unfiltered Media?

The Indymedia gang has taken to publishing faked news stories about bloggers. I'm sure your thinking to yourself, "And this is news?" Well in this case Charles Johnson of Little Green Footballs is attacked in a fictional Reuters news story alleging all manner of felonious perversity. Both Johnson and Reuters are more than a little upset.

Steven Den Beste weighs in on the case for libel against Indymedia.

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Whoa! someone woke up and f... (Below threshold)

Whoa! someone woke up and forgot to take their brain to work with them today. Looks like a couple lawyers are going to make a few bucks on this one.

Den Beste is not a lawyer. ... (Below threshold)

Den Beste is not a lawyer. On the other hand, a friend I have who IS a lawyer had a few things to say, which I forwarded to Charles.

Maybe "IndyMedia.org" has b... (Below threshold)

Maybe "IndyMedia.org" has been bought by American Media, Inc. That's the real name of the outfit which owns the Enquirer and Star. Those, IIRC, exist solely to appeal to the most gullible of American readers with articles about things that never really happened.

When the Enquirer trashed Rush Limbaugh, I thought, "OMG! The forces of evil are actually trying to destroy one another!" (*ducks thrown High Life bottle*) My hope for a smarter and more honest world was soon dashed when they went back to business as usual:the defamation target of the week was a somewhat less-bellicose TV personality.

Fittingly, their CEO is named David Pecker.






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