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Bonfire of the Vanities - Week 17

The Bonfire of the Vanities returns bloated and swollen with entries. The motto this week is "Bigger Is Not Necessarily Better." This weeks entries prove that elective cosmetic surgery has a place in the blogosphere. As an added bonus we've got all form of man and beast entries this week as well. All of this weeks entries have been gladdy offered up to the raging inferno that is the Bonfire...

Bonfire of the Vanities

If you want to be reminded to enter the Bonfire each week via e-mail, subscribe to the Bonfire mailing list. If you want to slash up your blog like a deranged mental patient you're in good company, stay a while until the meds kick in...

Scalpel please...

Posts In Need Of A Little Nip And Tuck

Want To Join?
E-mail a link to your worst post of the week and include any extenuating circumstance, humorous commentary, or self serving excuse for your pathetic post. Get your entries for next week's edition to me via e-mail (Note the new address - bonfire at wizbangblog dot com) by midnight EST Monday November 3rd. Need a reminder? Subscribe to the mailing list.

Guest Bonfire Editor Next Week
Due to my hosting duties for that other link festival (Carnival of the Vanities) next week, the Bonfire may be hosted at another site. I'm working through the volunteer list to find just the right host. Entries sent to the bonfire at wizbangblog dot com address will get to the guest editor.


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Comments (4)

Alright!I can rest... (Below threshold)


I can rest in peace, now.

As in, going to sleep, that is. It's just after midnight in the OC. :-)

Your opening for my piece had me in stitches. :-)

Thanks, very much.

Thanks!Sleep for m... (Below threshold)


Sleep for me too..

I already have a <a href="h... (Below threshold)

I already have a candidate for next week!

There are some among us tha... (Below threshold)

There are some among us that just don't know which one to burn first. Can you burn a whole blog?






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