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Rod Roddy, Come On Down

Mock him if you will, but the fact that you've heard of him means he was doing something right...

LOS ANGELES, California (AP) -- Rod Roddy, the flashy-dressed announcer on "The Price is Right" whose booming, jovial voice invited lucky audience members to "Come on down!" for nearly 20 years, died Monday. He was believed to be 66.

Roddy, who suffered from colon and breast cancer, died at Century City Hospital, according to his longtime agent, Don Pitts. He had been hospitalized for two months.

"He had such a strong spirit. He just wouldn't give up," Pitts said Monday.

Comments (4)

A good guy and a good Texan... (Below threshold)

A good guy and a good Texan. He will be missed.

Oh, that's sad. His outfit... (Below threshold)

Oh, that's sad. His outfits were pretty scary, but I always liked the guy. RIP Rod.

Before anyone actually ... (Below threshold)

Before anyone actually asks, men can have breast cancer, which is a pretty unsettling thing.

I thought he was the pro-wr... (Below threshold)

I thought he was the pro-wrestler who starred in that flick "They Live".

I guess he finally ran out of bubble-gum.






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