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Blogrolling SLOOOWWW

I've noticed that my page load time is much slower today. I think I've traced the problem to loading of blogrolls from blogrolling.com.

Spoons and others have noticed this as well. If it keeps up, I may have to temporarily remove the blogrolls.

Since I'm using the PHP option to get the listings, slowness at blogrolling slows my initial page load... Argh...

Update: I've temporarily disabled the blogrolls, and lo and behold load times are back to normal... Here's another thought, if you're a paid Blogrolling member perhaps you should be on a separate server.

Update2: Seems like there was a server issue at Blogrolling, that is now fixed...

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yeah, blogrolling is going ... (Below threshold)

yeah, blogrolling is going slow. Fortunately I use the javascript and my page loads whether it does or not. By the way cool blog, great reading.

I've disabled it for now, I... (Below threshold)

I've disabled it for now, I may add the javascript version later tonight, but slow is slow....

This is why I have a link p... (Below threshold)

This is why I have a link page. The problem is when it's down I have to remember addresses. Was that dot net or dot com?

Blogrolling is great except... (Below threshold)

Blogrolling is great except for the speed issue. I use MT to run my own blogroll. No more slowdown. I will be posting a detailed How-To next week if anyone is interested.

i use the daily crawl to ma... (Below threshold)

i use the daily crawl to manage my blogroll. the daily crawl is a cgi script that you host on your account. like blogrolling, the daily crawl checks weblogs.com to see if the blogs on the roll are updated and sorts the links accordingly. you'll need to know some perl or be willing to learn to make the daily crawl output a file to include on your page.

daily crawl

Wow, this morning your site... (Below threshold)

Wow, this morning your site was crawling again. Then a friend remarked that blogrolling.com was down again. I threatened earlier to post a tutorial on how to use MT to run your own blogroll (categorized even) and that is up today - if anyone is interested:







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