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Daytime Running Lights

Read the comment section in James Joyner's post on the efficiency of Daytime Running Lights (DRL). The question is, "do DRL's really cost $10 a year per vehicle to run?".

I love a good engineer fight.

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What's funny is that this i... (Below threshold)

What's funny is that this is the most comment-filled regular post (excluding caption contests, Blogger Babe nominations, and the like) in some time. And I thought it was a fairly innocuous observation on my part.

There is really only one pl... (Below threshold)

There is really only one place for this to all end up: USS Clueless

As long as they cost less t... (Below threshold)

As long as they cost less than the insurange discount I get, I am happy!

Look Ma- I'm famous!... (Below threshold)

Look Ma- I'm famous!

Ya know-- I engaged in the ... (Below threshold)

Ya know-- I engaged in the self-depreciating humor above. And I'll admit sometimes engineers aren't real fun at parties. (unless we make something blow up then at least all the guys like us.)

But if you think about it, you would do the same thing. Hear me out.

Energy policy is one of the biggest issues in politics today. Think of where it's fingers get into.. Environmental issues, God knows it is all over the middle east, Presidential politics of all kinds. etc etc

---Yet even the most simple understanding of how energy works baffles most people in this country.---

For example, you have people saying that solar will save us when the reality is IF the sun ever pumped enough energy down here for us you really use, it would roast us instantly. But the politicians keep giving money to solar crap even though simple math tells you there is just not enough energy there to harness.

The blogospherre is well know for its fact checking ability. If something is wrong about how many palestinians were killed by an Israeli missile, the whole blogosphere lights up.

Indeed all of you have your specialized knowledge and will jump up if you think someone is wrong.

***Hell, if you think about it the whole blogosphere is mostly just a bunch of people pointing fingers and saying "Hey, that guy is wrong." ***

Charles at LGF has Israel, James and many others know all the poli-sci stuff, there are lawyers and doctors et al.

To me, energy policy is important and I find it ridiculous more people do not understand energy. So before you bash the engineers out there, remember you are doing the same thing everyday in your forte.

And consider one more point... When you guys spout off, it can mostly all be boiled down to opinion. Engineers can use calculators and get a real answer.

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