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Where were you three years ago? Everyone who was blogging raise their hand - not many can say that, right?

One of my favorite bloggers ever, Moxie, just noticed that her fabulous blog turned 3 years old. If you're new to the blogging scene it's time for you to discover a site that achieved it's "groove." Do yourself a favor and blogroll her now.

She doesn't know that she was an inspiration of mine, mostly because who would want to be even partially responsible for the creation of this mess...


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Kevin, thanks for the shout... (Below threshold)

Kevin, thanks for the shout out. I'm terribly flattered that I was partially an inpiration for your blog -- it's not a mess, in fact it's much, much better than than mine :)

The goal of any parent or mentor. Cheers!

Oh, I'm pretty sure it's no... (Below threshold)

Oh, I'm pretty sure it's not better than yours... :-)

Happy blogaversary!

I'll raise my hand. While a... (Below threshold)

I'll raise my hand. While all you youngins were doing who-knows-what on the Net, I was pontificating on the election (http://www.angelfire.com/wi/shackbar/archive/arc1000.html). Back in those days my tools were a simple text editor and Angelfire. Boy, am I spoiled now.

Congrats Moxie!

Heh...got her beat, but onl... (Below threshold)

Heh...got her beat, but only by a few weeks: my first post to my blog was on October 5, 2000. Just in time for the wacky election.

To Sean and David - Wow, I'... (Below threshold)

To Sean and David - Wow, I'm impressed. That's some serious long term commitment!

That is a great accomplishm... (Below threshold)

That is a great accomplishment! It is rare to see blogs that stick around for that long. Congrats Moxie!






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