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On The Campaign Trail

Had she shown them this, I'm fairly confident she would have made the cut...

Christina Aguilera
Christina Aguilera says she was disappointed not to be named one of the world's worst dressed celebrities.

Christina said she loved being criticised for her for what she wore because she was trying to make a "statement".

The star has often been ridiculed by the media for her taste in clothes, hair and make-up but laughed off suggestions her image should be toned down.

Read the full Ananova story

Update: For those of you who think this is a fake, here's the original link. Here's more pages of proof. All of these were from earlier this year. Either she has lost weight since or she's dressing better now...


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Comments (9)

Hmmm. Christina, dear, to b... (Below threshold)

Hmmm. Christina, dear, to be a "statement," it must mean something to someone. Apart from that, you have my sympathies.

...you have to be a celebri... (Below threshold)

...you have to be a celebrity to be a worst-dressed celebrity and, sorry, but Christina's 15 minutes are waning...

Jeez, I thought that was Di... (Below threshold)

Jeez, I thought that was Diana Ross at first...

I'm thinkin' that's a photo... (Below threshold)

I'm thinkin' that's a photoshop job. She's always been pretty tight.

That can't be real. I'm pre... (Below threshold)

That can't be real. I'm pretty sure she's never eaten a Krispie Kreme in her life.

With the exception of that ... (Below threshold)

With the exception of that picture showing her belly roll, I think she looks better now. Just wish she'd quit with the fake bake tan - she looks like a lizard!

Btw, Kevin... just how did you manage to stumble to that other site, "Sensible Erection"? Hm.....????

Kate, I found both via <a h... (Below threshold)

Kate, I found both via Robyn, who I credited the first time I used the picture.

Christina is hardly fat. S... (Below threshold)

Christina is hardly fat. She apparently wasn't wearing clothes that fit her properly....anyone can look like a cow if they don't wear the proper size clothing.

That is, when she does wear clothing.

Christina can sing better t... (Below threshold)

Christina can sing better than many celebrities out there...who cares if she can dress or whatever. And if she's got a little bit of roll then SURPRISE she's like most people ...imperfect!






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