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The Women Of The Blogosphere

So I hear (via Kate) that one of the TechTV girls (Cat Schwartz) is in a "hot girls of tech" Playboy poll. This is sort of a much ado about nothing given that it's a poll not a pictorial, and nude pictures of Cat were found mistakenly posted to her blog.

All of this leads me to wonder, given the Blog Chicks Pix craze, is a Women Of The Blogosphere pictorial in the pages of Playboy in our future?

My question to female bloggers is, "would you apply to be included in such a pictorial?"

I've been looking for an excuse to try out this PHP poll system I installed, so have a vote over on the sidebar...


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Comments (11)

There are some things no on... (Below threshold)

There are some things no one should have to see - I would not apply for a pictoral. And honestly, I don't think they'd want me. =)

Many years ago (when the We... (Below threshold)

Many years ago (when the Web was still new), my twin and I had a site about twins. Imagine our surprise (and horror) when Playgirl magazine contacted us and asked us if we wanted to pose for their upcoming "twin issue." Apparently they have done this for several years.

At first, we thought it was a joke. But, I spoke to the editor it was legit. We thought about it for maybe 10 seconds and declined. That really isn't something kids should see their dad and uncle doing together. It is really kinda gross if you think about it.

This makes me wonder why women would choose to do something like this. Had the opportunity not been presented to me, I probably would be like most men and not really question it too much.

With all the various states... (Below threshold)

With all the various states of nudity in the blogosphere I assume that there would be good sized percentage that would do it. The question is how big is that percentage?

Of course I could be totally wrong. Maybe most everyone wouldn't do it...

I'd like to be all politica... (Below threshold)

I'd like to be all politically correct and show solidarity to feminists and all that crapola.... but I can't. Hell, if Playboy thought I was pictoral material, you bet I'd do it. In a bared heartbeat.

I don't know if I would or ... (Below threshold)

I don't know if I would or not. I'd probably scare everyone off anyway :)

You do realize, Kevin, that... (Below threshold)

You do realize, Kevin, that anyone can skew that vote? I mean, c'mon. It should be limited to the women from James' post, but then you'd have to assign cookies or something.

Or send out an email.

Meryl, yes I know the resul... (Below threshold)

Meryl, yes I know the results are totally random. It's not even certain that the votes are from women.

I think I have to side with... (Below threshold)

I think I have to side with LeeAnn on this one. I am fine about being a feminist and all of that, but heck-if Playboy had a spread on lady bloggers I might be willing to support it.

And if they deemed I was cute enough to do it, well, I would live in the gym and eat nothing but lettuce for a week to do it!

Sorry, but I see nothing degrading and insulting about Playboy. Unless they make me answer those stupid insipid centerfold questions. (Yes boys, there are INTERVIEWS in there!)

If Hef calls, I'll be there... (Below threshold)

If Hef calls, I'll be there.

hell i'd pay money for that... (Below threshold)

hell i'd pay money for that...

A pretty theoretical questi... (Below threshold)

A pretty theoretical question, since I'm on the wrong side of 40 (though they tell me I don't look it).

And the husband would never go for something like that.

I want to say, other than those two things, I'd do it. But it's worth noting that I don't even have a clothed pic up on my site.






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