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Beautiful Day, Crappy Night

It's hard to describe anything bad about an 80 degree day in November in the DC area. Unfortunately one of my boys did not get the memo. No nap turned into a whiney afternoon then a traumatic bed time. Had that been it I wouldn't have bothered even noting it...

Iíve always suspected that even very small babies are master manipulators. The younger they are the smaller their range of Oscar worthy histrionics, but they make do with their limited repertoire. Mr. Man (the older of my twin boys, his bother is Mr. Mr.) is a masterÖ

Tonight he managed to keep himself worked up into a lather for a good hour and a half for no apparent reason. We tried everything, and nothing worked. It was not until we gave up and let him wander that it became clear what the real problem was. Mr. Man had gone to sleep at his normal time and evidently woke up some time after 9PM and found that his phone had been removed. This was news to me too.

After an hour and a half of crying and wimpering, 10 seconds with the phone and the crying was gone and he happily went back to bed. The guy is a genius...


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I feel for you. We made the... (Below threshold)

I feel for you. We made the mistake of putting a TV in the Big-Eyed Boy's room back when the war was on and it was the only way I could watch the news on the TV in the living room. Well, here it is, seven months later and guess who can't sleep without seeing the 9 p.m. showing of Teletubbies?

Oh, and I don't get to sleep without it, either.

My four year old woke my wi... (Below threshold)

My four year old woke my wife up a few weeks back at 3am. Said she was hungry. My wife made the mistake of feeding her.

The next several nights were encore performances. Guess who doesn't get ANY food in the middle of the night anymore. (Hint: It's not me...I just finished my midnight snack!)

They're both about to go to... (Below threshold)

They're both about to go to regular beds... We're putting those little doorknob things on... That ought to slow them down for a week or two...

I put one of those doorknob... (Below threshold)

I put one of those doorknob thingies on the door to my den. The only one in the house it slows down is me!






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