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How Metrosexual Are You?

Alright guys, it's time to check your Howard Dean factor. How metrosexual are you?

The Metrosexual Quiz

Unfortunately there is no cool quizilla like graphic to post... I'm no dandy boy with a score of 18, but I'll keep trying....


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Comments (13)

14% WooHoo!It's pr... (Below threshold)
Rodney Dill:

14% WooHoo!

It's probably just as well I'm not in touch with my feminine side, or I'd be touching it all the time.

10% (5 out of 50)A... (Below threshold)

10% (5 out of 50)

According to the quiz, I'm a manly man. And that's a good thing (in my opinion at least).

I scored 22, or 44%, which ... (Below threshold)

I scored 22, or 44%, which makes me a metrosexual....so is that a good thing for a woman to be?

"You're a metrosexual. The ... (Below threshold)

"You're a metrosexual. The next girl you hook up with will be more masculine than you, full mustache and all. Is it time to buy new tweezers?"

I scored a 32/50, but there is a big problem with these tests (including the ESPN one)... I am a HOMOSEXUAL! They all need a simple YES/NO question...are you gay? If so, you are not a metrosexual.

26%. I'm still masculine, ... (Below threshold)

26%. I'm still masculine, but better avoid tee shirts with diagonal stripes. Uh-huh. I think I'll also avoid clueless politicians trying desperately to both the Sex & The City and Confederate constituencies within 24 hours of each other.

Yah. I scored 22 like Suzi... (Below threshold)

Yah. I scored 22 like Suzie. This is extremely unsettling to me as a gay man.

I have no idea what metrosexual is and now I'm dreading having to come out all over again.


I scored 68%!! And I'm not ... (Below threshold)

I scored 68%!! And I'm not gay! I am a metrosexual! Finally I can be something too!
Other than straight. And European...
How can you US gays score only 44%? You're a discrace to homosexuality!! What do you do, roll around in mud all day??

i scored 62%...guess i foun... (Below threshold)

i scored 62%...guess i found who i am..
being very masculine in my way of talking and acting ive always had this habits..it scared me sometimes..but no!!!!! now i know..im just a simple metrosexual living in south america.

I got a 33, so I guess I'm ... (Below threshold)

I got a 33, so I guess I'm a metro. I always figured I was, since everyone clearly assumes I am gay. I know I'm not gay. Trust me I love gay guys, have tons of gay friends, but just not me. I guess I have finally figured out what I am. Although the comment about the next girl I date with a moustache. AS IF!

I got a 29.6%. I know that ... (Below threshold)

I got a 29.6%. I know that I love PUSSY and so what if I'm a little sensitve and care about the way I look. I'm damn SEXY and SMART. So kiss my METROSEXUAL ASS!!!!

I scored an 82% on this qui... (Below threshold)

I scored an 82% on this quiz and find that to be quite intereting. I am a 29 year old male, married for 9 1/2 years and very secure in my sexuality. I also have many gay friends who wish I too was gay. I do not find this offensive. I find this to be quite a compliment to who I am as an individual. I for some time now have had the nick name "Metro" around my gay friends. This could be a scary issue I feel for those men who can not handle being in touch with their feminine side or having such a label. ONe that takes a little time to figure out.

ABout two days ago a friend... (Below threshold)

ABout two days ago a friend of mind who is male wanted to ask me a ver personal question. That question was "Am I a metrosexual?" I must admit I was unaware of what term meant and he tried explaining it to me. So I decided to give this term a little research. I even took a couple of quizzes to determine just how metrosexual I really am. I must say that I do appreciate finer things in life and I am into my appearence. If wanting the best for myself considers me a METROSEXUAL, so be it.

I've taken a few "metro qui... (Below threshold)

I've taken a few "metro quizes" everyone i meet immediately assumes I am gay. And if me caring about the way i look, and caring about my skin being clear,means im a metrosexual then so be it.






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