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The Changing Battlefield

Cori Dauber at the Volokh Conspiracy has two interesting posts (here and here) on the downed helicopter.

Dean Esmay has a new catch phrase to replace "Loose lips sink ships", "Thoughtless reporters kill soldiers." It might be a strech, but in light of Cori's posts it seems like a start. The idea that bad news becomes a self fulfiling prophecy is not a new one...

In light of this:

WASHINGTON - U.S. intelligence officials now believe that some foreign Islamic fighters are cooperating with remnants of Saddam Hussein's regime, surviving members of a Kurdish Islamic militant group, a new crop of foreign Islamic militants and a smattering of Iraqi nationalists and angry Shiite Muslims to mount terrorist attacks in Iraq.
If these people want to kill Americans, where would you rather have them shooting?

In a militarized zone against perhaps the best armed fighting force in history?
Your neighborhood?

They've already proved that they will attack in either place...


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