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Franco Russian Contributions To The War

Well look at that, the French and Russians helped to save our soldiers lives...

BAGHDAD, Nov. 2 Saddam Hussein refused to order a counterattack against U.S. troops when war erupted in March because he misjudged the initial ground thrust as a ruse and had been convinced earlier by Russian and French contacts that he could avoid or survive a land invasion, former Iraqi deputy prime minister Tariq Aziz has told interrogators, according to U.S. officials.
Aziz has told interrogators that French and Russian intermediaries repeatedly assured Hussein during late 2002 and early this year that they would block a U.S.-led war through delays and vetoes at the U.N. Security Council. Later, according to Aziz, Hussein concluded after private talks with French and Russian contacts that the United States would probably wage a long air war first, as it had done in previous conflicts. By hunkering down and putting up a stiff defense, he might buy enough time to win a cease-fire brokered by Paris and Moscow.
In any event, Hussein emerged from these contacts convinced that Washington would not launch an immediate invasion of Iraq, according to Aziz, as U.S. officials described his statements. Even as U.S. and British forces massed on the Kuwaiti border, Hussein was so sure of himself, Aziz reportedly said, that he refused to order an immediate military response when he heard reports that American ground forces were pouring into Iraq, concluding that the crossing was some sort of feint.
I'm suprised they haven't started the spin job to take a little credit for Hussein's delusional state...

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That doesn't really count. ... (Below threshold)

That doesn't really count. They did it by accident.

I started to write about th... (Below threshold)

I started to write about this last night but then decided to wait on it. I mean, it is coming from Tariq Aziz and he isn't known to be the most truthful guy out there. He does what he has to do to benefit himself.

However, the point about France and Russia stalling the UN and hopefully getting a cease fire was evident during the war so, maybe these words ARE true.

I don't trust any of these people anymore so I'm gonna wait.






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