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Something New, Something Old

The Kim Du Toit "maleness" post and the reaction to it made me think of P J O'Rourke for some reason. Perhaps it is the title to this chapter from Republican Party Reptile:

How To Drive Fast On Drugs While Getting Your Wing-Wang Squeezed and Not Spill Your Drink ***

Add "While Popping Caps In Signposts" and you've got a precognitient summary of the Du Toit post. I'll take the O'Rourke version, as these things are usually much better in your imagination. When you're sitting in a duck blind at 5:30AM freezing your ass off, the "maleness" of hunting is the furthest thing from your mind...

*** This is my first ever attempt to link to a page of a publication via the Amazon Search Inside This Book feature. You may or may not get to Page 128.


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Comments (5)

Link worked!And in... (Below threshold)

Link worked!

And indeed on the duck blind. I don't even LIKE duck.

I got a credit card number ... (Below threshold)

I got a credit card number entry page.

You have to register to use... (Below threshold)

You have to register to use the service. It's free, but they require a credit card number. Probably to prevent fraud. Once your account is registered it should take you to the page.

A great idea, by the way, t... (Below threshold)

A great idea, by the way, to link such pages. Credit Kevin! Amazon probably didn't intend it but that's the beauty of it, eh?

Kimberly Du Toit is an old ... (Below threshold)

Kimberly Du Toit is an old fat white male who whines like a disenfranchised minority. He is a puling pussy who thinks shooting things makes him manly.

Look at his picture, i'm sure he's reduced to ogling women because, well, look at him. He's a fat fuck. The Fab Five couldn't do shit with that loser. And could, most likely, kick his manly ass.






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