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Paris Hilton, Porn Star

Paris proves that she has been studying up for the role of a lifetime, porn star.

Reports have surfaced of a steamy sex video, featuring 22-year-old Hilton, which could soon be available on the Internet ala Tommy and Pamela's infamous romp.

Shot about three years ago, the tape features the then-barely legal celebutante getting X-rated with Shannen Doherty's on-again, off-again husband Rick Solomon, 33.

Read the E! article

That's where the original entry ended.

See my post about the traffic this post generated, and why I linked the material.

Update: Lawyers for Rick Solomon would like you to know that you have no right to see their client have sex with Paris Hilton, unless you have paid him (or a company he has an agreement with) whatever the going rate for his porn film is. Rick Solomon's attorney's can bite my ass if they think that they will get me to mention their web site. Solomon's sleazy porn tape was never hosted at Wizbang. Links to sites that claimed to have the video were provided, but those sites have no relationship to Wizbang. I found the tape via Google, I bet you can too...

Also if you have any copies of the full length Paris Hilton video obtained from services like Kazaa or USENET (since they are easily accessible there) those copies are illegal too.

Update 2: There full lenght video has hit the Internet. Details here.


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Comments (133)

Too bad Destiny Stahl, Brit... (Below threshold)

Too bad Destiny Stahl, Brittney Spears, Jo-Lo, and the Olsen Twins aren't involved. You'd get plenty of Google trollers for sure!

She's kinda skinny and a li... (Below threshold)

She's kinda skinny and a little (lot) skanky, but what the heck...

Too rich and Too thin... b... (Below threshold)

Too rich and Too thin... but I'd pay to see that!

You'll get a zillion google... (Below threshold)

You'll get a zillion google hits from this. I got about 900 hits yesterday from one post about her picture without underwear.

I can't wait for this video... (Below threshold)

I can't wait for this video to be all over the internet. She is a camera grubbing pig, and sorry Hilton clan, your lawyers can't save your little daughter now. She puts herself out there for the world to see her. Who actually cares about her? I know it's exciting for all those guys that don't get laid, or do for that matter to see her all fucked up and getting fucked. She is such an obnoxious beeaitch. I know secretly she thinks that this will be a career booster, except what career?! Just wait until the drugs and booze catches up with her. She needs a good punch in the face. I know many women that have done just that. This video that has surfaced is in very good timing! Why did Solomon wait so long? HAPPY BUKAKI-ING!

That vid is sweet, even if ... (Below threshold)

That vid is sweet, even if it's nnot her.

that aint the whole video i... (Below threshold)

that aint the whole video is it

Just a preview, so we're to... (Below threshold)

Just a preview, so we're told.

Kevin,don't take my ... (Below threshold)

don't take my post on this personally...
I was posting about google bait and then linking back to my site on the link on the words Paris Hilton video... meant it to be tongue in cheek calling your post google bait...

Thank you foe leting me vie... (Below threshold)
Heavy J.:

Thank you foe leting me view this I serched for over 3 hours just to watch it for almost 3 minutes. I found it sort of dark and I liked it when there eyes lite up. IS there any more to this tape? OR 2:56 seconds all there is? All in all it looked like a good [email protected]%k ;-} Agin thanks for putting it out here for us to see. Heavy J.

Who's Paris Hilton?... (Below threshold)

Who's Paris Hilton?

She is just like any other ... (Below threshold)

She is just like any other whore any guy has had, she looks about right just like all the others. What alot of people don't know or think about is that we idolize these kind of people and they put their pants on the same way we do. Well there it is the awesome vid that portrays this little slut for exactly who she is a high priced whore. I would still do her though.

nasty.. humping then suckin... (Below threshold)

nasty.. humping then sucking?
it is supposed to go the other way.. suck then hump. This girl must like the taste of her drippings.. nasty nasty nasty.
i hope at least her friends give her the heads up not to give the head after the screw.. yucko yucko yucko

What a nasty bitch. She do... (Below threshold)

What a nasty bitch. She doesn't have a career to protect to begin with. She's just another whore who likes to get fucked everyday. It really shows that she's enjoying the whole thing. Her family said, that she's a good natured, sweet girl, yeah right, good sucking bitch that's for sure. She should've asked them guys that fucked her to pay her skinny bonney ass to pay her at least. Ooppss, she don't need money because she got money coming out of her already. All she wants is another dude to her on her ass. Skanky ass trick bitch.

Damn! I was a little disap... (Below threshold)

Damn! I was a little disappointed. Can't turn down free pron though. ;)

I've looked at the video. ... (Below threshold)

I've looked at the video. I don't think he is wearing a condom? Anyone agree?

Screw all of you, she is ho... (Below threshold)
Loc Dawg:

Screw all of you, she is hot, and your all just jealous. I would fuck her brains out. Even if she is hopped up on drugs, i would be too, i could go for longer.

bitch gets slammed...bottom... (Below threshold)

bitch gets slammed...bottom line

lets see the whole thing...... (Below threshold)

lets see the whole thing... and damn right I would do that "trooper" anyday. oh for the guy who was saying yuck to sucking his dick after sex... what kind of sex do you have? i mena if your girl or wife is not doing that for you than your gay dude, the best is sucking it after you just took it out of her ass...

overall NICE!!! thats all i have to say bring on more hot rich bitches on tape i say i want to see em all. wish there was more of these pigs in america!

This movie is sweet!! When ... (Below threshold)
chicago boy:

This movie is sweet!! When will we see more? Is there more? Damn she's fine..!!! I love her tits, ass and everything around her..I would do anything to screw her brains out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Let us know if there will be more than 2:56 and when can we see it...???

Peace out,


That bitch got straight rea... (Below threshold)
E Nizzle:

That bitch got straight reamed. That was awesome in every way possible. Bitch has a skinny little ass and she's just like any other all american slizzut. Just wants some guy to bust a nut in her face after reaming her in and out thorough. [email protected] porn star. You have to have an ass and some tits first. Spend some of that Hilton money and get some? I give it an 8 overall.

And dude, if your wife/girlfriend doesn't suck your dick and taste her own pussy on you after you sream her then she don't give 2 damns about you. Deal with it.

I heard rumors of a 30 minu... (Below threshold)

I heard rumors of a 30 minute tape just wondering if this was true BTW thanx for the DL

Rich people do crazy things... (Below threshold)

Rich people do crazy things to get off...what else is there for them to do...?
Question: would you want to have all the money you every could want to buy anything you see, but you can't have anytype of what so ever?
or would you want to have all the sex you want with anyone you want but no financial means at all, not even bus fare?

Well, if you got all the money and still can have sex, you eventually have to bring the sex up to the level of the money..honey. She looks like ever other blonde who sells herself for a buck or two on a video...If I can't have her I really don't care what she wants to do..

man she is cool to have let... (Below threshold)

man she is cool to have let someone tape her
im glad this slut fd up and let someone tape her when she was young and dumb
if only more rich hoes would show the booty
id like them a lot more then
so i wrote a little song about it hear it goes
rich sluts rich sluts
thank you for givin it up
rich sluts rich sluts
how bout next time doin it in the butt

thank you thank you very much

Shame on her!... (Below threshold)

Shame on her!

What a bunch of horse crap ... (Below threshold)

What a bunch of horse crap from some repressed tight asses. The American perspective for their women is thin, hot, sexy, able to drive an SUV all over town for groceries and other soccer Mom duties all the while they should also be a sexpot in bed.

Yet, you call a rich princess a slut and a whore... why? Because she had sex? Because she had sex and they video taped it? Well $hit-howdy, if women are slut's and whores because they have sex, enjoy it, and/or video tape then pretty much every women is one.

Enjoy that the 500 million dollar princess got busted doing something that everyone does and it's blasted all over the Internet, but keep your chauvinistic hypocracy to yourself.

Just halrious!....another o... (Below threshold)

Just halrious!....another one of Americas so called royalty proves that she is a screwup! And by the way did anyone but me notice that she couldn't even focus on the sex ?... Hell it almost got to the point where I was waiting for that dude to tie her ass to the bed for gods sakes !!! And bony ... for gods sakes girl eat a friggin sandwich ... I am surprised that guys big dick didn't log split her when he screwed her ! Anal sex sans condom ? Bad boy ... better get your little general checked huh ?

oh well were all just jealo... (Below threshold)

oh well were all just jealous cause we couldnt get a piece of that pie.

i cant belive the day is fi... (Below threshold)

i cant belive the day is finaly here, when we see a worthless hot celeberty actuly filming something good!!!

OK everyone I've let a few ... (Below threshold)

OK everyone I've let a few things go in the comments to this post since it's an adult themed post, BUT... The following will not be tollerated:

No URL's to porn sites
No requests to send things to you
No explictly bad language (or coded versions thereof)

I know some of you want to do her and others thinks that would be a fate worse than death, but telling the world about the nasty things you would like to do to her can be done on your own site, not mine!

Those are the rules... Feel free to continue the discussion, but take your fantasies to a more appropriate forum.

BTW - The comments that tri... (Below threshold)

BTW - The comments that triggered my last comment are already gone.

I don't believe it's her. I... (Below threshold)

I don't believe it's her. I think she is so vain that she would have made sure there was better lighting.

She's a little skank huh? W... (Below threshold)

She's a little skank huh? What a pig!!! But ya gotta admit she's a champion.

how do i download this?... (Below threshold)

how do i download this?

I see London, I see Fracnce... (Below threshold)
g man:

I see London, I see Fracnce, I see Paris........ she should have learned from da R

Well Paris, You wa... (Below threshold)
Dr Phil:

Well Paris,
You wanted glamour, you got glamour. Your family must be proud. I'm not hating though. The only complaint I have is this guy didn't shoot his load on your pretty f**k face.

oops sorry about the langua... (Below threshold)

oops sorry about the language Kevin. Although I got a feeling people are still post dirty messages. Thanx for showing us the clip
DR Phil

buy the way this girls body... (Below threshold)

buy the way this girls body is smokin anyone who says she's to skinny needs to watch the tape again

Why is it so facinating to... (Below threshold)

Why is it so facinating to see her getting screwed? Dont u guys have your own holes to screw??? if not i feel bad for you.

Yeah, I have my own girlfri... (Below threshold)

Yeah, I have my own girlfriend to bang but I'm sick of her just like I'm sure alot of guys and/or donkeys are sick of you

I think it's terrible that ... (Below threshold)

I think it's terrible that you're all so judgemental, every woman wants to have sex and a good time. It's unforuante that we all get to see her having her good time, but I think it's just plain stupid for everyone to call her a slut. Wouldn't your girlfriend/partner get down and let you film the whole thing? Ohh too bad, I guess you're all repressed. THey weren't trying to make a film here - the camera was obviously there to make the situaion more erotic for the participants. but send out the full version ASAP! If it's gonna be public I damn well want to see the whole thing.

Wah, wah, wah....what a bun... (Below threshold)

Wah, wah, wah....what a bunch of cyrbabies around here. #1) It's hella cool to see hot chicks get banged, #2) It's more hella cool to see famous hot chicks get banged, #3) It's most hella cool to see hot famous chicks get banged and not have to pay for it. BTW, JIMBOB, I know you're only in highscool, so don't speak until spoken to. Otherwise your youth & ignorance show.

You guys have problems.... (Below threshold)
a girl:

You guys have problems.

She'd be pretty if she wasn... (Below threshold)

She'd be pretty if she wasn't so vapid. But I agree, she's a star. If she ever needs a job, she's set.

And I think people are calling her a slut because that's Shannen Doherty's husband. Duh.

HOT! YEA!... (Below threshold)
special ed:


Besides our mothers and sis... (Below threshold)
Truth Speaker:

Besides our mothers and sisters (and other female blood relatives, minus the Southern section of America), all men look at women for one thing, and one thing only, PUSSY!!!!! We really don't care what they think, feel or have to say, we just want them to bang and Suck, period!!!! So we lie and act interested till we can ravage some pussy, life can be very simple at times.

I don't feel sorry for that rich, stuck-up little cunt, she is after all nothing but a COCKAHOLIC cum craving blonde airhead that is setting a good example for her slutty generation.


she aint got nothing to loo... (Below threshold)

she aint got nothing to looose...everyone of us loved that tape..and are glad its out there..i think its great to see a real person off the pages of the the newspapers and magz getting srewd for real..

listen ya all i dont know ... (Below threshold)
jeannette winters:

listen ya all i dont know what the big deal is this is not the only hi profile person if ya all rembmer rob lowe pam & tommy, ya all forget this hi prfile people. she just another little rich [email protected]^%$!tha got busted thats all.i seen this so called movie if ya all want to call it that i have better porn in my closet. and if ya all ever watch etannel or hollwood true stories you would find out htis is not the only time she acted out.she got all the money that she wants and she knows tha she can do anything she wantes. i am not sticking up for her but ya all act like this is the first time anybody got busted like that! let me know how you all feel about it and e-mail me thanks

Lmao that's funny the girl ... (Below threshold)
Marco D:

Lmao that's funny the girl is like the rest. she wanted to make the video and now all upset its out. typical blonde (clueless). Having money just gives her more of a reason to being a slob**
btw she's nothing great to look at, she's skinny, duffy and dumb. lol she kinda resembles big bird.

I love that this proves tha... (Below threshold)

I love that this proves that you can't buy class. Yes we'd all do it to her, but she ain't that hot. And as far as a career, her career is somed up in this video, she's known for being a whore, no more, no less.

1/ it doesn't look like her... (Below threshold)
another girl:

1/ it doesn't look like her, I believe this is a scam

2/ I envy her. She is rich and she gets to screw for the whole wide world to see.

3/ You are all jealous, petty men.



Jealous of the fact that she has

Thanks for the video. Here'... (Below threshold)

Thanks for the video. Here's my question: if this video allegely just "happened" to get released, why does it looked like somebody actually took the time to edit it together? There's a couple of transitions in there that makes me think it was edited to make it a nice 3 minute download. Call me cinical.

My favorite part is when her cell phone rings and she answers it. Classic!!!

Thanks for the laugh.

I am,

listen to her pussy fart!!!... (Below threshold)

listen to her pussy fart!!!!!!

She's a young women who has... (Below threshold)

She's a young women who has sex........... don't we all. I know freak a lot. she's human her fam needs to teach her to burn the tape shortly after the act.

Stop being Hitler!Th... (Below threshold)

Stop being Hitler!
Thanks Hitler.

Not every day that a billio... (Below threshold)

Not every day that a billionaire gets to see his daughter getting screwed and giving head on video. Now Mrs. Hilton and the other sis are jealous. I hope her grandkids get to see a vid of their nana when when Paris is 70 yrs old.

What would be even cooler i... (Below threshold)

What would be even cooler is if she was on video getting reamed by a "person of color."
That would have been even more degrading and then she would probably get AIDS too!
That would be great!

Rahim, what are you talking... (Below threshold)

Rahim, what are you talking about? How would getting "reamed" by a "person of color" be more degrading and put her in even more risk of AIDS? White, straight people can get AIDS, too, ignoramus.

response to another girl's ... (Below threshold)

response to another girl's comments ....It is her in that video....she is rich and therefore a very public figure ... much like trumps daughter would be and therefore an embarassment to her family ....and women that make porn movies generally have low self esteem ...think they are unattractive ... and have to have constant reassurance that they have worth !!!! She has done nothing for females in general here other than bring her private life into the internet world for all to see that she is yet another pretty girl with low self O hence the constant posing for the camera !

Tight.... (Below threshold)


I don't know about all you ... (Below threshold)

I don't know about all you dudes out there, but I would love a chance to shoot my load in her mouth, she is skinny, but firm and sweet and rich, I would not kick her out of bed, whore or not! and after all, if the truth be told we are all whores anyway, lets be honest guys, you would all love the chance to tear that ass up. I know I would

I would ream that girls ass... (Below threshold)

I would ream that girls asshole then chop off my own dick

After you chop off your KAW... (Below threshold)

After you chop off your KAWK i hope you shove it in her pussy hole and make her cum silly. then I will swallow her cum! ye hawwwwwwwwwwww I love paris hilton, she wants my KAWK

she is to skinny but i woul... (Below threshold)

she is to skinny but i would still do her. is there more to tape than 3 min?

that's not her! I agree w/ ... (Below threshold)

that's not her! I agree w/ another girl, what a scam! not worth my time. man my wife is 20 times more hot then that girl in the video!!!! now i will go tend to her needs! see ya loosers.

WOW! I'd like to see an upd... (Below threshold)

WOW! I'd like to see an updated version of this video... she seems to be a little more developed now.. Maybe get Tara Reid in on the action too!

Forget her, what about tha... (Below threshold)

Forget her, what about that cock !

Thats Paris allright.. Cant... (Below threshold)

Thats Paris allright.. Cant wait for the full vid.. Its gotta be on the net somewhere.. She aint too skinny either. Who the fuk thinks that? Your all mad. Id funk that ass in a second.

thanks for it I love her an... (Below threshold)

thanks for it I love her and its nice to see her

I am waiting for her lesbo-... (Below threshold)

I am waiting for her lesbo-video.
Do you know anything about?

She is rich! In any ways.</... (Below threshold)

She is rich! In any ways.

No offense...but this "cars... (Below threshold)

No offense...but this "carsondalysucks" guy is an idiot. And I agree with the guy who says there is better porn in his closet...hell there is better porn in my Sunday paper.

I really dont understand wh... (Below threshold)

I really dont understand why everyone is calling her a slut. Are girls/women not allowed to have sex? Having sex does not make it a crime. Just because she had sex three years ago with her boyfriend on video does not mean she is a skank. I would be horrified if somthing like that (an act a privecy and TRUST) came back to bite me.

He is a really low guy for exploiting her sexually. Its disgusting what he did.

I think its good that she isnt sexually repressed. WHat makes grls sexually repressed? Being labeled a slut/skank for doing something that is part of life, the fear of others thinking they are no good, damaged, and trash.

I know she is on the international party scene and is very famous for her behavior.
But it is not right for you to call her a slut for doing somthing very natural in an act of intimacy with somone she cared for at the time.

The blame should be on the man, for stooping so low as to releasing somthing as private as that.

Well ive had sex too, you guys think im a skank now?

It people like you that repress women sexually and they cant develope confident sexual selves. Its not wrong to have sex.

But why her? Just because is is famous? Because she is partying like a 22 year old? Because she is blond?

No. She is doing somthing that EVERYONE else here has done. Its common. She is not a slut.

But she shouldnt have made that tape....I do not think she was responsible for the release of that. Even if she does appear fame hungry, she tries to stay within certain bounds. If she wanted to make a debut on the porn scene im sure she would do it right...she is Paris after all.

Please at least take this to heart...everyone has sex, and its not right to make a person feel ashamed for somthing so natural.

what paris really wants.. (... (Below threshold)
ok, it seems to me that a l... (Below threshold)

ok, it seems to me that a lot of people are stupid.

1.) a lot of people here are saying shes not hot, that shes 'too skinny', 'resembles big bird', 'ugly' etc.. out of all the people that posted, im damn sure shes hotter than 90% of your girlfriends. unless of course youve learned to love ugly, fat women since you cant get the real deal, or just plain havent had any.

2.) ive seen some people use this thread as yet another opportunity for nation flaming and faggotry in general. please, nobody gives a damn about your country, and that goes for anybody. american, british, french, canadian, whatever, nobody gives a f*ck on the internet.

and P.S. we dont have any 'royalties' as one british person put it, and neither do you, unless you think the royal family is anything more than figureheads who sit on their asses all day.

3.) and wow, i dont want to hear all this "im so ashamed the video came out", "its not fair for women", BS. i bet just about every poster here has seen the video, and i KNOW you watched it because, why else, its porn.

4.) finally, you all have a lot of repressed anger towards sluts it seems, as you use a video of a hot, rich chick to post about 'what a bitch she is'. yeah right, you WISH you could sleep around (assuming you already dont), even though you only have rumors saying she is. you dont even KNOW the chick, but you seem to hate it now that shes been in a 'porn', or that shes pissed a personal tape came out. please, she at least knows how to have fun, which it doesnt seem like many of you do.

and yes, using my final point against me, i do have a lot of repressed anger towards idiots. thank you.

Ok... maybe for the average... (Below threshold)

Ok... maybe for the average teenager this video is the sh*t... but It's poor quality and worst of all, night vision-- WTF!!! There are some really sick people out there, and I admit I was one for the whole 3 minutes I watched in amazement... :)

Call her what you want, but... (Below threshold)

Call her what you want, but she knows what she is. I wouldn't place judgement too fast until the whole truth pops up. You never know what she could have been thinking at the time. AND WHO CARES IF SHE HAS MONEY! MONEY IS FOR BITCHES.

Gee, has anyone noticed, sh... (Below threshold)
alfredo stroessner:

Gee, has anyone noticed, she is bowlegged?

I just don't understand why... (Below threshold)

I just don't understand why everyone is slamming 'her'. Maybe it's a pretty horrid thing to have floating around the net but she's not the only person in the video. It's bad for a woman to do amateur porn but not a man? If anything, he's much worse than her. She was a teenager, he was an adult. And I don't see anyone giving him a hard time. We always blame the woman. Typical. Y'all should be ashamed of yourselves.

You guys are f*cking horrib... (Below threshold)

You guys are f*cking horrible!
Paris Hilton isn't a slut!
You are!

man i wish she had taken a ... (Below threshold)

man i wish she had taken a facial,i think she has
sexy face

I just wanted to apologize ... (Below threshold)

I just wanted to apologize for calling her in the middle of that scene...my bad

Threee of us guys attending... (Below threshold)

Threee of us guys attending Marshall University wish to say to all the weirdos on here who think that Paris isn't hot - WTF? Can you be serious? I'd rather beat off to this 3 minute clip than any segment from Tommy and Pam's video! Paris, I love you baby....

Paris Hilton is sexy as hel... (Below threshold)

Paris Hilton is sexy as hell. I wish t was me with her on the videotape. Who wouldnt wanna be with a multi-millionare with a freaky side.

Paris Hilton's behavior on ... (Below threshold)
Looking of for the well-being of this country:

Paris Hilton's behavior on her new television show "The Simple Life" is appauling. Not only is she rude and obnoxious, she is poking fun at the normal, working class people of this country by prancing around like she doesn't give two shits about anyone but herself.
She is fortunate to have been born into wealth & opportunity... but she's making a mockery of herself and her family. Shows like hers and "Rich Girls" make me wonder what we're promoting here. Is the new all-American girl a clueless, scantily-clad, uneducated, sex-pot?

Paris is a slut she cant bo... (Below threshold)

Paris is a slut she cant bother to pull up her pants on her new show shes cant do shit. Im not ashamed of MJ, shit even if he did do it i think Paris is a whole lot PEVERTED! its not the video tape that bothers me, its her ugly ass face on every single fcking magazine. She is not hott! Shes a ugly white rat! At least porn stars dont deny what they do, and they actually WORK FOR a DAMN MOTHER FCKIN living instead of daddy paying for her 2,000 panties that shes only gunna wear for about three mins. Or whata bout the fact she loves animals but yet she wears them as a jacket.

its dark but shit atleast i... (Below threshold)

its dark but shit atleast i get to see her get banged now only if her lil sister got involved that would be the shit to watch .... god what i would give to scrue the shit out of her paris hit me up if you see this 19/m/ lake havasu arizona

Paris is my kinda bitch. <... (Below threshold)
Chester Marcus:

Paris is my kinda bitch.

Take it from a lady:<... (Below threshold)

Take it from a lady:

I saw the three min clip...yay. Honestly, there's nothing to get off from when she's moving around soo much. Has anyone noticed that she never stays put for her ex to f uck her. He didn't look like he wanted to f uck the bitch either..his facial expressions "c'mon" to me. Anyway, I dug Tom and Pam's exploitation. It was intimate..which to me is sexier.

My reasons for seeing nothing but air in P.H:

She is worth 317 million dollars...why not donate it to a couple charities..(wouldn't be ghetto fab for you all right?)..wonder why we have ghetto's? Because the money you have is spent on 2000k purses. But f uck it.

Two, she has no class. If she kept her clothes on even during the day..she might actually earn her respect back. Paris, babe, you are 22. Time to grow up. She needs to do more than the "simple life" to understand how this world works.

Three, drop the coke..come on. Seriously. Enough said.

Four, stick with Nicole..she has substance behind her. You might learn something from her genuine approach. Atleast she tries to care.

- my words

If Paris Hilton turns me on... (Below threshold)

If Paris Hilton turns me on, does that make me a lesbian?

To all you little boys who ... (Below threshold)

To all you little boys who keep saying you would love to ram you little peckers into her... If I could meet you in person, I'd cut your dicks off Loreena Bobbit style and make you suck it. My guess is that you will never get a real woman, and posting things about what you'd do to some bimbo heiress is the only way you can get off. That's what needs to be done to that dumbass slut of a man who put the video out there in the first place; his dick needs to be removed. Paris Hilton is not the whore, Doherty's ex is! He is desperate to show the world the only other woman he's ever been with. That's why he put that tape out there. HE has low self-esteem, not Paris. To all you boys out there, go blow your load in your Playboy mags. Real women don't f**k with immature boys like you.

I think Paris is pretty. Ho... (Below threshold)
19 y/o female:

I think Paris is pretty. However, bowlegged is a characteristic of anorexia. I think she is spreading the idea like every other modern supermodel that being extremely skinny with no curves(no hips)is somehow sexy and desirable. Thats all I have to say...:-) Happy Holidays!

hey thank you show me for p... (Below threshold)

hey thank you show me for paris hilon porn movie. but i'll all ready seen it 89 time & i copy other webpage. she is total f-cking hot bitchy rich girl. that all want to say paris hilton is so total f-cking hot bitchy rich girl. & yall happy merry X-mas & happy new years.

;-)... (Below threshold)


i think the bitch is hot...... (Below threshold)
ray ray:

i think the bitch is hot...i would shove my small penis up in that cunt everyday too...it would be tight enough for even me

Hey! Itz Ray Ray! I am bi a... (Below threshold)

Hey! Itz Ray Ray! I am bi and tottaly liked what i saw! his dick her pussy and titz! Damn! id do him/her anyday!

She's a slut because she's ... (Below threshold)

She's a slut because she's screwing someone else's husband? You know, it's a matter of morals, but I don't think it's HER issue, I think it's HIS.

It's unmistakeably her, and in my personal opinion, although I'm a fairly straight woman, I think she's hot (with the exception of the excessive makeup).

She's a slut? Psh.
She likes to have sex. She's free about it.
Get over it already.

I think all of you are imma... (Below threshold)

I think all of you are immature. If you like nudity and sex then watch the video and enjoy it for what it is. If not, then go masturbate to your own fantasies. But don't put people down because they are having a good time and like to share it with other.

Is she a whore and a bitch ... (Below threshold)

Is she a whore and a bitch and a slut because she enjoyes getting done and blowing a guy? I say thanx paris for sharing this with us. I hope one day I will stay at your location as well.
As for getting f***ed and then sucking: who cares where its been as it feels good.Can you blame someone for loving pussy-juice...? I know I do.

I dont care what everyone s... (Below threshold)

I dont care what everyone say paris hilton is hot and has been blessed by Jesus with her skills. you guys are hatin cause you arent the dude that is hittin it... But im DAT DUDE...... yeah thats me in the video.... it was GREAT.

she's a slut. that is about... (Below threshold)

she's a slut. that is about there is to say about her. for all who say that we are just jealous. shut the fu.ck up. fu.cking crackheads.

all u hatin bitches out the... (Below threshold)

all u hatin bitches out there are just mad becouse no guys want your UGLY ASSES!!! so piss off all u butch ass lookin lesbos.

Does anyone know where to d... (Below threshold)

Does anyone know where to download this tape of 42 min without getting involved with credit cards? You'd really help me with it

I don't know her, and neith... (Below threshold)

I don't know her, and neither do any of you losers.

shut the hell up and go whack off.

i think she is probably disturbingly self absorbed, and i loathe people like that, but, trusting some sleaze who happens to be your boyfriend and having sex with him in front of a camera (in a calculated manner or not) is not trashy, or the behavior of a whore. having sex and doing so if you are female is also not slutty either.

She's not f**king YOU. Thats what all of you jealous males problems with her truly is about. you call her a whore because you could never bone her.

and all of you jealous bitches wish that many people would want to f**K you or watch a tape of you screwing some other guy as much as they have scrambled to watch this. and you never will have such a following, so your bitter and evil to those, like pAris, who do.

get the f**k over it.

and no, i'm not a fan of hers. and if i were, who gives a f**k.

but her vagina and what/who goes in it should only concern her/her boyfriend(s) and their signifigant others (if they are being cheating pigs...)
.....whether a stupid homemade f**k flick gets passed around by a pissed off ex of hers, or anyone else's, or not.

get a fu**ing life, or go get fu**ed or at least jerk off/get off, you pathetic sleazebags.



Ya i was the one that sunk ... (Below threshold)

Ya i was the one that sunk her pussay! Gosh i think i blew my gasket to hard with her. Oh well, hope you liked my video you F*** tards, now go jack off and have a marry banging time.

I sunk that Pussay Good, Bi... (Below threshold)

I sunk that Pussay Good, Biatch fit me like a Flesh tuxedo baby, I sunk her with my pink Torpedo.

Paris is an annoying bitch.... (Below threshold)

Paris is an annoying bitch. I don't usually waste my time lookin at skanky porn with snoby sluts in them but this I had to see. This tape doesn't even show half of the whore she is. I'll bet she's had way bigger dicks shoved into way smaller places than her ass.

so she got some dick... (Below threshold)

so she got some dick..big deal. is that really so terrible?

Really why is every one so ... (Below threshold)

Really why is every one so hang up about this, she wanted publicity now she has all she could ever hope for...

She's fucking hot.... (Below threshold)

She's fucking hot...I don't usually like blondes or celebs, but she's gorgeous.

fOR EVERYONE SLATING PARIS<... (Below threshold)

What is your problem. you've obviously searched paris hilton porn or wouldnt be on this site and when you get paris hilton porn you complain, I dont understand.

Your all loosers, especially the guy who thinks its wrong to suck someone off after sex. I hate to think what your lame ass sex liFe must be like.

and girls if u had a body like paris dont you think you would film yourself having sex and guys if your girlfriend was as fit as paris surely you would want to film it. You are all ugly lossers shagging other ugly loosers get over yourselves and if you find porn offensive then dont search for it on the internet.

I think everyone has the ri... (Below threshold)

I think everyone has the rights to do what he/she wants to do! So if Paris wants to show us how to have sex, LET HER!!!
I think Cj is right. If all Girls have a body like Paris, all of them just gonna make a movie ;)

(im sorry if my englisch is bad :) )
*GREETZ* from Germany, Red Chaos.

lol. SHE IS TOO SKINNY! the... (Below threshold)

lol. SHE IS TOO SKINNY! the vid was cool for a free one though. ;p i actually thought it would show less.... like the other sites that have u doin' a bunch of BS before you get to see anything, or you have to pay something or sign up for something in the end. it would be a li'l more exciting if she was more voluptous. not really into skinny girlz. but uh yeah... feel sorry for the dude who thinks cock suckin' after sex is gross. :p i love tastin' my pussy on my man's dick after we fuck. ;p

HREEEEE... (Below threshold)


please tell me how to buy p... (Below threshold)
aris sugema:

please tell me how to buy paris hilton & eric solomon sex video. thanks. aris sugema

Who would get more searches... (Below threshold)

Who would get more searches: Paris Hilton or Beyonce Knowles? Hmmmm, now there's something worth watching!

Paris Hilton is a spoiled l... (Below threshold)

Paris Hilton is a spoiled little blood whore. She's never worked a day in her life and her parents should be more than ashamed. I hope she gets aids.

Paris Hilton is a spoiled l... (Below threshold)

Paris Hilton is a spoiled little blood whore. She's never worked a day in her life and her parents should be more than ashamed. I hope she gets aids.

Paris Hilton is a spoiled l... (Below threshold)

Paris Hilton is a spoiled little blood whore. She's never worked a day in her life and her parents should be more than ashamed. I hope she gets aids.

How do I download the file?... (Below threshold)

How do I download the file? Anyone?

PARIS HILTON IS A HOT BITCH... (Below threshold)

PARIS HILTON IS A HOT BITCH, but I am a girl, I was watching Simple Life and as soon as it ended I started masturbating over her. I cummed on the wall

She can sit on my face anyt... (Below threshold)

She can sit on my face anytime she likes.
Dirty bitch.

She can sit on my face anyt... (Below threshold)

She can sit on my face anytime she likes.
Dirty bitch.

She can sit on my face anyt... (Below threshold)

She can sit on my face anytime she likes.
Dirty bitch.

where exactly can i find th... (Below threshold)

where exactly can i find the video there are so many fake links.

I AM SO SICK OF HEARING ALL... (Below threshold)





i'm gay but i love paris hilton to bits - she's fantastic! she should be a role model for all fat ugly poor girls out there.

paris is hot but could be b... (Below threshold)

paris is hot but could be better with some implants, shes got some small tits. to me it seemed like she was loose because she didnt even moan or maybe she didnt even get turned on by that guy

honestly she is to skiney i... (Below threshold)
she would be better if she was thicker:

honestly she is to skiney i wish that she was thicker because you see a lot of women that try to be that small little breakable thing dont you want to break them duh.. she is to skiney and i think if she eats and eats and excersizes that fat will turn to mustle that would look hot cause she is pretty just way way way to skinney

im gonna bone her in the fu... (Below threshold)

im gonna bone her in the future

im gonna bone her in the fu... (Below threshold)

im gonna bone her in the future

how do i download this dizz... (Below threshold)

how do i download this dizzy cunt?

where do i get to watch thi... (Below threshold)

where do i get to watch this obviously game girl in saction?

fuck all yall shes a pretty... (Below threshold)

fuck all yall shes a pretty , young , famous , rich , girl, shes just like all the others, the cameron diaz sex tape, jlo sex tape, etc the only reason yall are so fucking interested and so ready to condim her is cuz shes a hilton , and a heiress on top of it all, yall are just mad that yall have 2 work for yalls money and she dont , thats the bottom line. p.s by the way i have the tape
posted by jennifer summey






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